Published: May 06, 2021 4 min read
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Dog sleeping on his/her side on a bed.

It started off slow, on a day with clean fur.

Now you’re the dog parent you swore you’d never become – sharing your pillow with your poodle. Instagramming your Pomeranian. In a stroller. We get it!

More than a pet, dogs are part of the family now. It’s only natural that when they stay in bed for way too long, you notice they’re not doing good, and nothing but the finest vet care will do.

So Why Get Pet Insurance?

When your French bulldog devours your French heels or your goldendoodle suffers more than a simple booboo, the bills can add up quickly. Many common procedures total $2,000, $3,000, or even $5,000. The last decision a dog or cat lover wants to make is whether to go into debt to keep Fido alive.

Pet health insurance ensures your dog has access to the best care. Answer a few questions about your pet, enter your contact information, and get a quote in seconds!

PetsBest comprehensive plan covers accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, cancer, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, and emergency care. This includes exam fees, acupuncture and chiropractic procedures, as well as prescription medications.

But this is totally customizable to fit you and your pet's needs and budget. You are able to customize coverage, your annual limits and deductibles, as well as choose up to 90% reimbursement.

You can also choose to include wellness procedure coverage--like vaccinations and dental cleanings--in your policy as an add-on so that can ensure your pet stays healthy. Two huge benefits of this add-on are that you do not have to meet a deductible to get these preventive procedures covered and no waiting period applies, either--so you can begin using it after you enroll!

An even more inexpensive plan option is available for accidents-only coverage--like broken legs, snake bites, accidental swallowing, and more--for just $6/month for cats and $9/month for dogs of all ages and breeds.

PetsBest also offers 24/7 access to a pet helpline with veterinary experts by phone, live chat, or email that can help you with anything from urgent care to behavioral questions and everything in between.

On top of that, PetsBest offers some of the shortest waiting periods in the industry following policy effectiveness (just 3 days after an accident and 14 days for illnesses!), a simple online claims process, and no upper age limits on accident and illness plans.

All you need to do is enter a few details (your pet’s name, type, breed, age, and sex, as well as your contact information) on and get a quote in seconds. Remember, you will need to enter your email to receive your quote!

It's the easiest thing you’ll do all day! Your best friend will thank you.