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By timestaff
March 18, 2010

Personal finance from around the Web:

  • Maybe those Toyotas aren’t so bad after all: J.D. Power and Associates ranked the Prius first in its compact car category for the 2010 Car Dependability Study, and its Tundra topped the list for pickups. [BizJournal]
  • Does a private, online meeting of your family and your financial adviser sound appealing? Blueleaf, an Internet start-up, is working to create a virtual “kitchen table” discussion space where users will be able to access all their account and investment information online and talk about it. [Innovation Economy]
  • Saving smart for your kid’s college education doesn’t necessarily mean mortgaging the house to finance four years of undergraduate education. Here’s how to be strategic in putting money aside based upon your tax bracket, child’s age, and expected income. [MSN Money]

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