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Originally Published: Nov 05, 2021
Originally Published: Nov 05, 2021 Last Updated: Nov 05, 2021 4 min read
Sony PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X on a colored background
Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart will have two highly sought-after video game consoles back in stock today: the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. You have a chance to snag one — or both — if you’re fast enough.

Walmart kicks off the sale today at 3 p.m. Eastern time, only on Walmart’s website. Both consoles are listed for their regular retail price, which is just under $500: $499 for the Xbox Series X and $499.99 for the Sony PlayStation 5.

A disc-less version of the PS5 will also be available for $399.99 at the same time. (This version does not come with a disc drive, meaning PS5 games must be purchased digitally and stored on the console’s hard drive.)

Due to the semiconductor chip shortage and increased demand, these game consoles have been extremely difficult for shoppers to find in stock — at least at the suggested retail price. Third-party resellers have been cashing in by offering the consoles at extremely inflated prices online. For example, at Amazon we saw sellers asking $1,199 for an Xbox Series X or a PS5, and one eBay vendor is listing PS5s for $4,999.

Today’s restock marks the third one for Walmart this week alone. Walmart restocked both consoles online Monday and Tuesday, and those sales were fraught with technical issues due to the amount of buyer interest.

According to PC Magazine, PS5s sold out within three minutes last time. So buyers should prepare for some serious competition (and disappointment).

Tips to find PS5 and Xbox Series X in stock

As mentioned, the consoles are only available online, so showing up in-person at your local Walmart will not increase your chances of getting one. What might help, though, is loading the listings ahead of time on your mobile device and computer. When 3 p.m. ET rolls around, try purchasing from both the browser and Walmart’s mobile app. That way, if the webpage fails to load on one method, you have back-up options.

Be sure that you’re on the correct listing page for the console you want. Use the links above. Walmart also allows third-party vendors to sell on its site, and these vendors may have PS5s or Xbox Series Xs for sale, too. Resellers on Walmart's site, though they are vetted more strictly than other e-commerce sites, still jack up the prices to capitalize on the scarcity of the consoles. Sky-high prices are the biggest indicator you’re on the wrong listing.

On Friday, third-party vendors were listing Xbox Series X consoles on for more than $900.

In the rush of trying to snag one, be sure the console is coming straight from Walmart and that the price is between $399.99 and $499.99, depending on which console you want.

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