By Brad Tuttle
May 13, 2015
1952 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn—one of the rarest cars in the world, and muse for the new Rolls-Royce Dawn.
courtesy Rolls-Royce

Here’s a snippet of a steamy new thriller that came across our desks this week:

It gets even more hot-and-bothered later on, when the prose reaches something of a climax:

What exactly is “it”? Without knowing any better, our guesses would have included the Apple Watch, the new Frito-shell taco at Taco Bell, and Ryan Gosling. Oh, and, you know, sex. But we would have been wrong on all accounts. Instead, “it” is the Rolls-Royce Dawn, a “beguilingly visceral” model that “promises a striking, seductive encounter.”

The new Dawn (get it?) is a modern tweak on the Silver Dawn, a model released by Rolls-Royce in the mid-20th century. The auto brand is describing the new model as “an exciting and sensuous drophead,” which means it’s a convertible, in American-speak.

It’s unclear how much the Dawn will cost, but presumably Christian Grey, the kinky billionaire from Fifty Shades of Grey, could afford one. Based on Rolls-Royce’s sales pitch—”New life, new possibilities, fresh horizons – a tingling, anticipatory ambience in the air – all signified by a new Dawn”—he just might want one.

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