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Smart Home Screen
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Between families visiting, big meals that need cooking, and shopping looming overhead, the Holidays bring a lot of chaos. Using smart technology in your home can reduce confusion by offering ways to connect with family from home and keep track of everything that’s going on. From little tasks like switching off the Christmas tree before bedtime to big events like welcoming family members from out of town to their holiday hotel suite, smart technology makes life easier during the holidays and year-round.

This Cyber Monday, all the pricey smart technology that will have your home feeling downright futuristic is on sale. You won't regret shopping for a few things to make your life easier, especially when they’re marked down by nearly 60%. It may surprise you how much easier life becomes when you have smart technology helping you out with the little things. Take a look at these smart gadgets and save big while these Cyber Monday deals last.

Modern technology for the modern household

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If you’re tired of saying “it’s not the furnace that’s the problem, it’s the thermostat,” then it’s probably time to upgrade your thermostat to a model you can depend on. Amazon’s smart thermostat is reliable and consistent when it comes to reading temperatures, incredibly energy efficient, and more stylish than most thermostats you see around. Certified by ENERGY STAR, this smart thermostat saves customers an average of $50 per year on their energy bills — which is more than this gadget costs on sale.

Despite having few visible buttons, the Amazon thermostat is incredibly easy to control and you can even change the temperature from your phone. If you ever forget to turn the heat off on your way out the door, you can easily drop the temperature with just one Alexa command from almost anywhere. This good-looking and trustworthy thermostat is 30% off on Amazon for Cyber Monday.

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Keeping your house secure is about more than reinforcing the locks or windows — sometimes it’s about having eyes on your front door and yard to maintain your peace of mind, especially at night. This kit of three Blink outdoor cameras is the perfect addition to any home security setup. Each camera has a battery life of about two years and, with its small, black design, can be hidden almost anywhere with the strength to survive most weather conditions.

The cameras’ true skillset becomes apparent after downloading the Blink app. The app not only lets you label and monitor your cameras whenever you want, but it also notifies you when there’s motion with customizable notification settings. The app also lets you speak through the cameras using your phone’s microphone to have two-way conversations. These high-quality outdoor cameras are $200 off on Amazon, so snag them now before this Cyber Monday deal ends.

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Whether you have too many keys to scramble through, you regularly forget your keys, or you just need to upgrade your lock, you should consider this keyless smart lock. This versatile door lock gives you multiple secure options for unlocking your door including a fingerprint scan, a customizable passcode, and via the Smonet app. You can still use a key on this lock if you want, but the fingerprint scanner lets you unlock your door in under a second for fast entry — which will be especially helpful in the cold winter.

It’s important to make sure your new door lock is dependable, and this smart lock’s hundreds of five-star reviews definitely back it up. “I wanted to replace my outdated deadbolt with something a little more high tech,” shared one Amazon shopper. “I came across the SMONET and was amazed… by all the features the app provides like auto lock, adding temporary codes, and the ability to add a wifi gateway or door sensor. The fingerpirnt is quick and works well. It is nice to know that I am able to get into my house if I ever forget my keys, which is a life saver.” Get this new home addition today for 35% off.

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Many of us have been wrist-deep in a new recipe when the phone rings and it’s the in-laws just arriving at their hotel, full of questions. It’s overwhelming to pick up the phone while cooking, but with the Echo Show 8, you can answer hands-free with a simple voice command to Alexa. You don’t have to miss a beat, and you can also use your voice to pull up recipes or calendars, set timers, or look at shopping lists. With the Echo, you can accomplish multiple chores using voice commands while your hands are full.

The Echo Show 8 has an 8-inch HD touchscreen with a camera that automatically tracks you while making video calls. It acts as a gateway to access and control all of your smart home devices, and you can even use it to watch your favorite shows. It’s the ultimate hub for smart technology at home, and it’s on sale for 46% off this Cyber Monday.

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Wherever you are around the globe, you may notice the air quality drop from time to time in your house. It can be a funny smell or a hazy look to the air outside, and low air quality causes adverse health effects over time, especially for babies or people with sensitive lungs. Amazon’s smart air quality monitor will let you know if the air quality in your home ever reaches harmful levels because of the smoke from cooking, nearby construction, or a large amount of pollen in the air.

It connects to Alexa, giving you notifications on your phone whenever the air quality drops, making this monitor a great way to keep an eye on your home from a distance. When you see air quality drop you can use this device to automatically turn on air purifiers, humidifiers, or fans. It’s easy to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh with this smart device on sale for 30% off today.

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Sometimes it’s truly the little things that matter the most. At the end of a long day, making rounds around the house to unplug or turn off major appliances and decorations can feel like an impossible chore. The Amazon smart plug takes that weight off your shoulders by automatically turning electric appliances and decorations on and off. It’s as simple as setting a schedule on your phone.

This Alexa-compatible smart plug lets you control the power coming from your outlets by voice. You can even turn off a noisy television in the living room while you’re trying to listen to a recipe in the kitchen. It’s super easy to set up and it's on sale during Cyber Monday for 48% off.

Smart home, relaxed holiday

There are a thousand little things to stress about during the holidays, from staying on top of all the decorations and cooking to hosting house guests. Smart devices truly streamline the process of doing chores and housework, and completely remove several small, stressful tasks from the equation. Save big this Cyber Monday and get some help from smart technology that makes life easier this holiday season.

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