The Healthiest Places to Live

Living a healthier life might come down to having healthier neighbors.

Getting healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on an expensive gym. It could be as simple as living in a healthier town.

And what makes a town “healthy”? Low rates of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity, and other common ailments, of course. But to come up with the MONEY list, we looked at the number of doctors and hospitals within a 30-mile radius of a community, along with the percentage of the population covered by health insurance. We also considered the most basic factors: the number of residents who report that they feel healthy. There’s something to be said for the phrase: “healthy mind, healthy body.”

Living in a healthy town—and living a healthy lifestyle, for that matter—are certainly desirable qualities. But what difference does that make to MONEY? In fact, study after study shows that health and wealth are directly correlated. Your physical health can dramatically impact your financial well-being, in ways varying from increasing your salary to decreasing your long-term medical costs. So when you’re looking through this list of healthy places, don’t just think about how where you live could impact your vital statistics. Think about how a healthier life can make you wealthier, too.

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