Andrea Agostini Ferrer

Staff WriterInsurance products, lifestyle
Joined August 2020

As part of our in-house team of insurance experts since 2021, Andrea has worked on travel insurance, pet insurance and life insurance. Her work consists of conducting thorough research into insurance services, to help our readers better understand the intricacies of these products and the companies that sell them.

Her expertise in pet insurance organically overlaps with at-home pet care. Driven by her own queries and challenges in learning how to care for her own dog, Andrea strives to source helpful, accurate and nuanced information from experts so that our readers can give their pets the best care possible.

Beyond her expertise in insurance, Andrea has lent her skills to diverse projects, including product reviews as well as consumer guides on credit, mortgages and insurance. She's also collaborated on projects like Money's Best Places to Travel and Best Places to Live. Her work has been featured in multiple online publications including Money.com, Yahoo Money, The Island Packet, The Independent Tribune, Logan Herald Observer, Roanoke Times and ConsumersAdvocate.org.

Andrea holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Puerto Rico.


University of Puerto Rico


Start simple and be mindful of where your money goes: track your expenses, keep a budget and see what you can allocate for your long-term financial goals.

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