Jhoni Jackson

Lead Staff WriterAuto refinance, savings, loans, life insurance, online therapy, as well as culture, travel, entertainment and lifestyle.
Joined May 2022

Jhoni Jackson has over 15 years of experience working in journalism and digital media. She joined Money Group in 2022 as a lead staff writer, covering all things personal finance, from banking to life insurance to home loans. Currently, she’s Money’s top authority on high-yield savings accounts and auto refinance loans.

Jhoni’s work is driven by the goal of empowering consumers to strive for financial wellness. She believes people of all financial backgrounds can achieve financial literacy, and access to the right information is key. Her underlying goal is to always deliver the most accurate data and relevant details to readers, whether she’s writing about savings accounts or how to get a home improvement loan.

Jackson’s financial writing has been featured multiple times on MSN and Yahoo Money. Earlier bylines from her time spent as a culture and lifestyle writer include The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Billboard, NBC, Teen Vogue and ELLE Magazine. She is a graduate of Georgia State University.


Georgia State University

Previous Experience

Earlier bylines include stories about culture, travel, lifestyle, and entertainment in Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, NBC, Teen Vogue, The Washington Post, and ELLE Magazine.

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