By Martha C. White
March 28, 2017

This Saturday is the Super Bowl for practical jokers, so in the spirit of a good-natured prank, here are some suggestions for how to share the ha-has on April Fool’s Day.

Not surprisingly, here at MONEY we have a penchant for pranks that revolve around cold, hard cash: working for it, winning it, losing it, and having to fork it over. Here are the most ingenious ways you can tickle your funny bone at someone’s expense this April Fool’s Day without having to break the bank.

Although it’s actually more likely you’ll get hit by lightning than win the Powerball, there’s no harm in letting a friend think they hit the jackpot with these fake winning lotto tickets ($3.90 for six tickets). You might want to let them in on the joke before they book that bucket-list trip to Tahiti, though.

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What do you get the ultimate multi-tasker? We have no idea, but if you put it in this faux gift box ($6.99), they’ll at least get a laugh (and maybe a little bit of false hope) at the thought of receiving the “iArm.” We’ll repeat what the product listing states, which is that — surprise — this isn’t a real product. It’s just a box, so you can put a non-prank gift inside.

Courtesy of Amazon

Who among us hasn’t had a heart-stopping moment when your phone hits the floor, praying to the gods of mobile communication as you pick it up that you aren’t going to face a cracked screen and a pricey repair bill? Share that sense of panic by slapping this decal on the screen of an unsuspecting co-worker or spouse ($7.99 for four).

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There’s found money, and then there’s this wad of realistic-looking funny money ($12), sure to make whoever finds this rubber band-wrapped stack on the sidewalk think they can start flinging around the Benjamins with abandon.

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There’s no bigger bummer than returning to your car to find a parking ticket tucked underneath the windshield wiper. These gag tickets ($5.41 for 10) let you inject a little levity into the “gotcha” moment by checking off “violations” that say things like, “Smile, the joke’s on you” or “Staring off into space.”

Courtesy of Amazon

While we hope all of your prank victims will be good-humored about being had, if you ruffle any feathers, there’s always this ultimate apology gift: A five-foot teddy bear wearing a bright red “I’m sorry” T-shirt ($143.21).

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