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Originally Published: Oct 08, 2018
Originally Published: Oct 08, 2018 Last Updated: Oct 11, 2019 4 min read
United States Post Office Building
Post Office building in Stillwater, Minnesota.
Wolterk—Getty Images

When is Columbus Day 2019? The holiday always takes place on the second Monday in October, or October 14 this year.

Is Columbus Day a federal holiday? Yes, it is. Like other federal holidays, Columbus Day provides a day off for most federal government offices and non-essential federal workers.

But Columbus Day is somewhat of an oddity among holidays, and not only because of the controversy over whether or not we should honor the famous explorer who "discovered" America in the first place. Columbus Day is not nearly as universally observed as many other notable dates on the calendar. Less than half of the states give their workers Columbus Day off as a paid holiday. Most non-government businesses are open like usual on Columbus Day, and their employees have to work like it's any other day.

Basically, it's hard to tell if banks, post offices, schools, and the stock market are open or closed on Columbus Day. Here's everything you need to know.

Are Banks Closed on Columbus Day 2019?

Most — but not all — banks are closed on Columbus Day. Branch locations of banks like First Citizens Bank, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and Peoples United Bank are all closed on Monday, October 14, to cite a few examples.

On the other hand, some banks are open on Columbus Day 2019. TD Bank locations, for example, are open for business as usual on the holiday. Because it's not always clear what banks are open and closed on Columbus Day, it's best to check your bank's website or give a call to your local bank branch to see if it's open.

Is the Post Office Open or Closed on Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is a postal holiday. Post offices are closed, and there will be no mail delivered on Monday for Columbus Day. However, most FedEx and UPS stores and services are open with normal business hours on Columbus Day.

Is the Stock Market Open on Columbus Day?

The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and other major U.S. markets are all open like usual on Columbus Day.

Are Restaurants and Stores Open on Columbus Day?

For the most part, yes. Nearly all restaurants and stores are open on Columbus Day. That goes even for retailers such as Costco, which closes down for several major holidays each year but is open on Columbus Day.

Some independently-run restaurants and stores may elect to close on Columbus Day. But the vast majority of businesses, and nearly all major chains, are open today.

Are Schools Open or Closed on Columbus Day?

Most colleges and schools around the country are closed on Columbus Day. There are exceptions, though, and some public and private schools are open like normal on Monday, October 14.

So it's best to check out your school's website or call to verify if it is open or closed on Columbus Day.