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Published: Dec 10, 2021 12 min read

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A group of people, holding hands and helping each other to walk on the stock arrow going up.
Sam Island for Money

The internet has spawned subcultures around all sorts of interests. Thanks to the proliferation of day trading apps, that increasingly includes stocks.

It’s never been easier for everyday investors to put their bucks behind the products and companies they love and take their company fandom to a whole new level: shareholder status. Of course, you’ve probably heard zealous investors raving about Tesla or Apple, which are classic cult stocks.

But what makes a cult stock, exactly? An enthusiastic shareholder base that’s captivated as much by the celebrity of the company as its financials. And the definition isn’t always completely contingent on an undying belief in a company — sometimes it includes an undying belief in the community of a company. In an ever growing number of cases, the fervor can be stoked by memes.

As the lines between consumer and investor continue to blur, more communities of everyday investors are cropping up across all corners of the web, bringing cult distinction to companies new and old.

Here are five cult stocks you should keep an eye on in 2022.

Odd Burger (ODDAF)

If you haven’t heard of Odd Burger, then you probably aren’t vegan.

The Canadian vegan-fast-food chain (formerly Globally Local) with six locations is the first of its kind to ever go public, and it has big plans to enter the U.S. — with a goal to reach 20 total locations in 2022. And the vegan investing community, which blends capitalism, sustainability and animal rights, is hyped.