By Ethan Wolff-Mann
September 25, 2015
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, September 14, 2015.
LM Otero—AP

Real estate magnate and reality television star Donald Trump, who currently leads the Republican primary polls, is constantly telling everyone that he’s very rich.

And he is. Trump’s fortune is estimated to be worth $2.9 billion (according to Bloomberg), or $4 billion (according to Forbes), or $8.7 billion (according to a document Trump circulated at his July campaign announcement), or “well over $10 billion” (according to Trump himself, later the same day).

Even the low end of that range of estimates dwarfs John F. Kennedy’s $1 billion (in 2015 dollars) reserve, and makes George Washington’s $525 million (again, 2015 dollars) look pedestrian.

In fact, a President Trump would not only be the richest president in U.S. history; he’d be richer than all previous U.S. president combined. (Their collective net worth adds up to only around $2.6 billon.)

At the other end of the spectrum, Bernie Sanders’s estimated “fortune” of around $330,507 would put him very near the bottom of the richest presidents list, alongside Vermont’s Calvin Coolidge and Harry Truman. Carly Fiorina, currently running second or third in Republican primary polls, would slot in at number 10, just ahead of Bill Clinton at $59 million.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who dropped out of the Republican race this week, would have taken last place on the list if he’d remained in the race and prevailed in both the primary and general elections. He’s currently in debt, putting his net worth in negative territory.

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