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whispering secret in ear

It's not a secret that workplaces aren't always friendly places—there's literally a successful movie franchise called Horrible Bosses. In a recent post, the app Whisper, which lets users anonymously post secrets, published a list of corrupt things they saw their bosses do.

With the gender wage-gap still a massive issue around the country (here are the states where it's the worst), it's not a surprise that many of these things were sexist and awful. Here's whatever you'd call the opposite of a greatest hits for boss behavior.

  1. "Pull food that fell in the trash can out, put it back on the plate, and serve it to a guest."
  2. "Demote my friend for dating a girl he hates."
  3. "He took me in the bathroom, offered me blow, I declined, he kissed me."
  4. "Without looking at an application she said to throw it out."
  5. "Asked me to hack into his partner's account to see if he was planning on leaving the company. I did it, then blocked all emails that talked about that."
  6. "Talk to another Director about not hiring someone who was overqualified because he was unattractive and it was going to be a bad look."
  7. "He told a former employee that she would make a good porn star."
  8. "Steal money from the register then try and fire me for covering her shift while she was smoking meth in the back."
  9. "Deny several people our services (rental agency) because she didn't want to help women with 'too many' kids, unmarried women, minorities, or anyone who 'looked too poor' find a home."
  10. "Cheat on his girlfriend. Then ask me to arrange plans for his side chicks. Ugh."

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