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If Aargon Agency, Inc. appears on your credit report, it probably means it’s pursuing you for an unpaid bill. While calls from debt collectors are annoying, they are the least of your worries. In addition to chasing you for payment, Aargon Agency, Inc. will place a collection account on your credit report, which will drop your credit score.

Collection accounts can have a significant impact on your score for up to seven years and stop you qualifying for loans and credit cards, so it’s important to remove negative marks ASAP. But this means negotiating with the debt collector, which many consumers don’t know how to do.

What is Aargon Agency, Inc.?

Originating in New York in 1996, Aargon Agency, Inc. is a medium-sized collection agency in the U.S. and is not a scam. Its headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it also has offices in Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri and Nevada. It collects on behalf of companies in a range of industries, including banking, entertainment, finance, medical, real estate, retail and utilities, and it also provides national debt recovery, pre-collection and billing services.

Is Aargon Agency, Inc. legitimate?

Aargon Agency, Inc. is a legitimate debt collection company, but that doesn’t mean that it’s pleasant to work with. It currently has about 45 complaints on file with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and 39 in the last three years with the Better Business Bureau. Many complaints relate to inaccurate reporting and failing to respond to debt verification requests, which are Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act violations.

Steps to remove Aargon Agency, Inc. from your credit report

It's important to remove a collection entry from your report to prevent significant damage to your score. You can follow these steps to remove Aargon Agency, Inc. from your credit report:

  • Request a goodwill deletion
  • Validate the debt
  • Negotiate a settlement

Request a goodwill deletion

If you have paid the debt, you can try to remove the entry by asking for a goodwill deletion. This is when a debt collector, in this case Aargon Agency, Inc., agrees to stop reporting the debt to the major credit bureaus out of generosity.

To request a goodwill deletion, you’ll need to write Aargon Agency, Inc. a letter explaining the reason for your debt. Extenuating circumstances, such as a job loss or illness, may lend support to your cause. You also need to provide a reason for requesting the removal. For example, you may want to qualify for a mortgage or auto loan.

Make sure your goodwill deletion letter is polite, and refrain from demanding a deletion. If Aargon Agency, Inc. decides to grant your request, it is doing you a favor, so it’s best to approach the situation with courtesy rather than a sense of entitlement.

If dealing with the situation on your own is too stressful, consider asking a professional credit repair company for help.

Validate the debt

Information often goes missing during the transfer of a debt from the original creditor to a debt collection agency. This means that Aargon Agency, Inc. may have incorrect information regarding your debt, or the debt may not belong to you at all. Debt validation is very important and can even get you out of paying a debt altogether, so never ignore a debt collection agency if it contacts you.

You should send a debt validation letter within 30 days of Aargon Agency, Inc. initially contacting you, or it is under no obligation to respond. You can send the debt validation letter to Aargon Agency, Inc. at the following address:

8668 Spring Mountain Road
Suite 110
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Other contact details:

Phone number: 1-800-280-1183

When you send the debt validation letter, make sure you request confirmation of receipt. If Aargon Agency, Inc. doesn’t respond to within 30 days, you can file a complaint with the CFPB.

After Aargon Agency, Inc. receives your letter, it should send you the necessary documentation to prove that the debt belongs to you. Read through these papers carefully and make a note of anything that seems inconsistent or inaccurate. If you find anything that contradicts the information you have, you can file a dispute with the three major credit bureaus. They’ll investigate and remove the entry if they agree that Aargon Agency, Inc. reported your debt inaccurately.

Negotiate a settlement

Unfortunately, simply paying the debt won’t remove the collection account, it’ll only change the status. To wipe Aargon Agency, Inc. off your credit report, you need to negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement. Debt collectors often settle for less than the full amount because they buy debts at a fraction of their value. Consider offering to pay half of the balance if Aargon Agency, Inc. agrees to delete the collection account with the three major credit bureaus in return.

Make sure you get the deal in writing before you make your first payment. Your credit report should reflect your payment within 30 days. If the credit bureaus still list the account in their reports after that, contact Aargon Agency, Inc. and remind it of the agreement.

Dealing with Aargon Agency, Inc.

Dealing with debt collectors is no one’s idea of fun, but you can prevent damage to your credit score by handling the situation ASAP. Cleaning up your credit report will boost your score and can help you regain your financial freedom and achieve your goals. If it’s too challenging, you can ask a credit repair company to help you. There are also plenty of articles available that will give you tips, guides and instructions on how to improve your credit score and overall financial wellbeing.

Update: This article has been updated to reflect the number of current BBB and CFPB complaints against Aargon Agency, Inc. and to give current contact information.

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