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Published: May 02, 2022 9 min read
Gasoline prices are above $4.00 a gallon at a gas station in Washington, DC.
Getty Images

Drivers got a minor reprieve after gas prices fell from their all-time high ($4.33) earlier this year. But now that spring is here gas is getting more expensive yet again.

Gas prices rose at the fastest pace ever recorded in March, and after leveling off for a bit they began climbing again over the past few weeks. As of Monday, the average gallon of regular gas cost $4.19, which is 7 cents more expensive than last week and $1.29 higher than a year ago. In all likelihood, gas will stay expensive throughout the spring and summer. Naturally, drivers are looking for creative ways to save.

Gas is one of the most common purchases among Americans, and prices are often top of mind because drivers see them posted at stations everywhere they go.

Whereas inflation for many goods can sometimes sneak up on consumers, a quick rise in gas prices will rarely escape anyone's notice. That includes politicians, who have been pausing gas taxes and even considering stimulus checks for high gas prices in some states. Everyday drivers are noticing too, of course, and many are taking steps to deal with this new normal.

How people are avoiding high gas prices

There are plenty of classic strategies to help you save money on gas, including properly inflating your tires, paying with the best credit card for gas rewards and using apps to find the cheapest gas prices nearby.

You can also save by ditching the car entirely, or just committing to using it less often. Here are some of the ways people are changing their ways in light of high gas prices:

Walking and biking more