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Originally Published: Jun 21, 2021
Originally Published: Jun 21, 2021 Last Updated: Jun 22, 2021 7 min read
iRobot Roomba i4+
Courtesy of Amazon

Prime Day 2021 might be the perfect time to get that robot vacuum you’ve been wanting: Members of Amazon Prime can take advantage of steep discounts from top brands like iRobot (Roomba), Shark, Eufy and Roborock, while Prime Day sales are in effect through Tuesday, June 22.

Before heading to Amazon to shop, bear in mind that Prime Day deals are available only to subscribers of Amazon Prime, the membership program that includes two-day (or faster) shipping on most Amazon purchases, as well as unlimited streaming of video and music content. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of Prime to people who haven't been subscribers recently. Also, take note that Prime Day deals are generally short-lived (lasting 48 hours or less), and they can and often do sell out.

Best robot vacuum deals: Prime Day 2021

Eufy is the robot vacuum brand from budget-friendly electronics maker Anker, and the eufy 11S is on sale for $129.99, or $100 off from its regular list price of $229.99. The 11S has a 100-minute runtime and a remote, and can be scheduled to clean at the time you choose. It’s also self-charging (it goes back to its base when its battery is running low) and it’s less than 3” thick, fitting easily under most furniture.

For a more advanced model that includes Wi-Fi connectivity and smart home integration, check out the eufy 15C, which was on sale for $169, the lowest price we've ever seen, when Prime Day began. However, as of Tuesday, June 22, this deal appears to have expired — though online coupons offering the equivalent discount may be available. (You can usually find it for anywhere between $259 and $279.) The 15C can be controlled through the app or through Alexa and Google.

If you’re looking for mapping capabilities — that is, for the vacuum to recognize your entire house and be able to access or avoid specific areas — take a look at Roborock’s E4, which is selling for $199.99 today (list price $299.99). While this model has been on sale at this price in the past, that doesn’t make it any less of a good deal. The E4 is just as powerful as Eufy’s 15C, but has an additional mapping feature that you can monitor on the app for more customized cleaning.

Roborock has a few more deals, but the most impressive is the 42% discount on the Roborock S6, which normally goes for $649 and was selling for $379 on Monday, June 21. (As of June 22, the deal appears to have expired, but there may be online coupons available at Amazon offering the equivalent discount.) The S6 is more powerful than the E4 and the Eufy models, has multiple floor mapping, carpet detection to increase power and simultaneous mopping. In other words, it mops as it sweeps to keep your floors shining in one pass. It’s one of the best deals at the moment.

Amazon Prime Day: Best Roomba deals

Courtesy of Amazon

Some of the most tempting deals come from leading robot vacuum brand Roomba, which is offering up to 40% discounts and the lowest prices ever on some of its products.

Normally found for around $300, the Roomba 692 is on sale for $199.99 on Prime Day. Although the Roomba 692 isn’t the newest model in the 600 series, it’s still a fairly new one. It features the iRobot Genius app — not usually found in models under $200 — which provides smart home connectivity and lets you schedule cleaning sessions.

If you want more power and even more bells and whistles, the feature-packed i4+ and i6+ models are also on sale on Amazon. These feature the iRobot Genius app, along with full smart home connectivity and the option to control them through Alexa or Google Assistant. They are 10 times as powerful as the 600 series, come with a self-cleaning base and can link up to iRobot’s Braava mops for a more complete cleaning.

The Roomba i4 is essentially iRobot’s i3’s twin, but with a larger battery, and normally sells for $649.99. The i3 is usually cheaper, retailing for about $599.99. However, today, the i4+ (“plus” meaning it includes the self-cleaning base) has a price of $399.99.

The even more powerful i6+, on the other hand, is going for $499.99, a massive drop from its $799.99 original price. It has the same power, charging base and basic features as the i4, but adds the entire array of iRobot’s smart features, like the Imprint Smart Mapping technology. You can customize when and where your Roomba cleans, and make it target specific areas at certain times of the day. The main difference between this and the $1,000 s9+ is suction power, but the i6+ has plenty of it too.

More Great Prime Day robot vacuum deals

Courtesy of Amazon

By the way, if self-cleaning sounds good to you, but $400 is still kind of steep, take a look at the Shark AV1010AE. It has a self-cleaning base, smart home integration and total mapping capabilities. While the Roomba i3+ is more powerful and has a bigger bag, the Shark certainly has an edge by offering mapping for $70 less (Prime Day sale price: $319.99).

However, when it comes to automated cleaning, the overall best deal belongs to the Robin to Roomba’s Batman: the Braava Jet m6 mop.

With a 40% discount for Prime Day, the m6 is selling for $299.99 — that’s $200 below its $499.99 original price. The m6 is easily the best mop in the iRobot catalog, and can be linked up to any of the “i” series (like the i4 and i6 mentioned above) to take turns vacuuming and mopping. You can also set it up to clean independently, though, with the same app and smart features as the vacuums. So, if you like to sweep but dread mopping, the Jet m6 can be a superhero all on its own.

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