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Published: Apr 21, 2023 12 min read

Travel insurance is the only way to avoid the cost of a medical emergency, trip cancellation or other potentially costly issues while traveling. The travel insurance industry is booming — with so many options out there, it can be tough to find the right policy for your trip.

TravelInsurance.com is an online marketplace that lets you compare quotes from the best travel insurance companies and buy a plan that works for you. Like travel booking sites, this platform connects travelers to major providers but doesn’t offer its own products.

Is it worth it to buy travel insurance through TravelInsurance.com? This review will guide you through the pros, cons and services of TravelInsurance.com to help you decide if it's right for you.

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Best for Comparing Quotes

TravelInsurance.com is one of the best platforms for comparing quotes. You can easily browse plans, get a quick quote and compare costs side-by-side to pick the best travel insurance plan for your budget. TravelInsurance.com is ideal for someone who has never bought travel insurance and isn’t sure what they’re looking for.

TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

TravelInsurance.com offers simple price comparison and review services. It’s an easy way to buy travel insurance online, but it isn’t the only comparison site out there. Here’s what you can expect when you shop for insurance on TravelInsurance.com.

  • 24/7 international travel assistance
  • Simplified policy comparisons
  • Provides travel tips and resources
  • Not a direct insurance provider
  • No claims filing assistance

Pros explained

Why buy international travel insurance through TravelInsurance.com? This insurance marketplace has tons of benefits, including a 24/7 travel assistance line, easy policy comparison tools, educational resources and nationwide availability.

24/7 international travel assistance

Every plan offered through TravelInsurance.com comes with 24/7 emergency assistance. This service is offered through the provider, not TravelInsurance.com itself, but the website makes sure all its partners have a helpline.

24/7 assistance can help travelers access a network health provider, find a hospital, get help with their medication or schedule an emergency evacuation. Even if you don’t need to use it, access to an international helpline is a great asset for any traveler.

Simplified policy comparisons

TravelInsurance.com makes it easy to compare policies online. Enter your information in the search engine, including your trip dates, destination and the number of travelers, and you’ll see instant quotes from multiple providers.

After comparing quotes, you can buy your travel insurance policy through TravelInsurance.com. Just remember that the site isn’t an insurance provider, and you may have to connect to another company to ask questions or file a claim.

Provides travel tips and resources

TravelInsurance.com has an intuitive learning center with educational articles, tips on buying insurance and resources to help you plan your trip. This is a helpful feature for people who don’t travel frequently — or for anyone who hasn’t bought travel insurance before.

Cons explained

TravelInsurance.com is a helpful resource to learn about travel insurance and compare policies. But it is not an actual insurance provider, and it doesn’t handle insurance claims. Some experienced travelers might find it more convenient to buy their policy directly from a travel insurance provider.

Not a direct insurance provider

TravelInsurance.com does not offer travel insurance policies. This is an online marketplace and price comparison tool, not an insurance company.

That said, there is no extra charge to use TravelInsurance.com. You will pay the same amount whether you buy through the website or with the insurance company. But using a third-party company can be confusing for some people, especially when it comes to contacting customer service or filing a claim. Buying directly from an insurance company is often simpler — if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

No claims filing assistance

If you need to file a claim with your insurance provider, you can’t do it through TravelInsurance.com. You’ll have to contact the insurance company directly. When you click on the “Claims” tab on TravelInsurance.com, you’ll find the contact information for all its partner insurance companies. Depending on your provider, you might have to call customer service to file a claim or send the documents through email.

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TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance Plans

Because it collaborates with many companies, TravelInsurance.com offers a wide range of plans. You can search by plan type or see the website’s suggestions. The company’s learning center is a helpful resource to find out what type of coverage you need.

Like shopping for the best travel rewards credit cards, picking the right insurance plan for your trip comes down to your budget, priorities and how often you travel. The best plan will help you save money, but the wrong plan might just add to your travel costs.

Below is a brief overview of the several types of travel insurance coverage offered by TravelInsurance.com.

Single Trip

Single-trip insurance plans are ideal for tourists and short-term travelers. They’re bought through one-time purchases and offer coverage for the length of your trip, whether it’s just a few days or a whole month.

TravelInsurance.com offers two types of single-trip insurance:

  • Medical-insurance-only plans offer medical coverage for your trip. Depending on the plan, it might include coverage for emergency medical evacuations.
  • Single-trip travel plans provide medical coverage plus additional features like trip cancellation coverage, travel delays and coverage for lost or stolen baggage.

Single-trip insurance is the most common type of travel insurance and can be bought from any major provider. Some insurance companies offer add-on benefits, like rental car travel insurance or cancel-for-any-reason travel insurance, to customize your plan.

Multi-Trip (Annual)

Multi-trip insurance, also called annual travel insurance, is for people who travel often or spend multiple months abroad. This type of insurance coverage is ideal for international students, military members, business travelers or missionaries.

A few common features of multi-trip insurance plans include:

  • High medical evacuation coverage
  • Accidental death coverage
  • Low monthly premiums
  • Low coverage limits for medical expenses

TravelInsurance.com offers a variety of multi-trip plans through its partner companies. AIG, Seven Corners Travel Insurance, and other major providers offer comprehensive plans for long-term travel.


Group travel insurance is ideal for family trips, school trips or destination weddings. These plans are usually designed for groups of 10 or more people and can be customized with add-ons. TravelInsurance.com offers group plans from a variety of providers.

If you’re shopping for group travel insurance, be sure to read the fine print and make sure your plan has all the features you need. TravelInsurance.com allows you to compare plans side-by-side so you can keep an eye out for benefits like baggage delay coverage and nonmedical evacuations.

TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance Pricing

TravelInsurance.com offers a full range of insurance plans at varying prices. Your travel insurance cost will depend on a few factors, including:

  • Total cost of your trip
  • Number of travelers and their ages
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Optional add-on features
  • Deductible and coverage limits

Remember that TravelInsurance.com does not charge an added fee for its services. Your travel insurance quote comes directly from the insurance provider, and the actual cost might differ from the initial estimate, depending on the company.

TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance Financial Stability

As an online marketplace, TravelInsurance.com does not have its own financial strength rating. But it lists the ratings of its partner companies, so you can see the financial strength of each insurance provider before you buy your plan.

What does financial strength have to do with insurance policies? It might not affect its pricing, but a financially stable company is less likely to collapse or go through bankruptcy. That means you probably won’t experience price hikes or lose your policy in the near future.

TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance Accessibility

TravelInsurance.com is designed to make travel insurance more accessible. This platform is easy to use and allows you to compare multiple plans at once. But as a third-party company, it may not reveal all the details and fine print of each plan — that’s why some people prefer to buy directly from an insurance provider.


TravelInsurance.com is available nationwide. Its partner companies have varying availability, so not all the plans on the site are available for everyone. Available destination countries can also vary for each company.

Contact information

TravelInsurance.com has a customer helpline and email address to answer questions. The customer service line is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. That said, the best way to find out more information about your insurance plan is to contact the provider.

You can find the contact information for your insurance provider on TravelInsurance.com. Most companies have separate phone numbers for assistance and filing claims. All insurance providers on TravelInsurance.com offer 24/7 assistance while you travel.

User experience

According to most TravelInsurance.com reviews, this website is helpful and easy to use. It’s easy to find the information you’re looking for, and most plans function as advertised on the site.

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TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance Customer Satisfaction

TravelInsurance.com is well reviewed across multiple platforms. Most customer complaints refer to a lack of active assistance with the insurance policy. Because TravelInsurance.com isn’t an insurance provider, it might have limited information about each policy. It also doesn’t offer a live chat service or a 24/7 customer helpline.

That said, TravelInsurance.com gets positive reviews compared to other online insurance marketplaces. Customers who use it to browse policies are satisfied with the services, and many report that they will use the platform again.

Here are a few more FAQs about this popular travel insurance marketplace.

TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance FAQ

How does TravelInsurance.com work?


Would-be travelers can search, compare and buy insurance policies through TravelInsurance.com. When you buy a policy, whether it's a single-trip plan or TravelInsurance.com cancel-for-any-reason coverage, you'll get coverage from a licensed insurance company.

Which travel insurance providers does TravelInsurance.com work with?


TravelInsurance.com works with many top-rated travel insurance companies, including Seven Corners Travel Insurance, Travelex, John Hancock and AIG Travel Insurance. You can see a full list of its partner companies on the website.

Is my information safe on TravelInsurance.com?


Yes. Any information you give to TravelInsurance.com is only used to supply your insurance quote. This is a certified company and it's safe to use.

How We Evaluated TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance

We evaluated TravelInsurance.com by comparing it to other popular travel insurance marketplaces. A few of the critical features we considered are:

  • Ease of use
  • Types of coverage offered
  • Customer reviews and complaints
  • Number of partner companies
  • Accessibility and nationwide availability
  • Customer service

Summary of Money's TravelInsurance.com Travel Insurance Review

A great travel insurance plan will provide peace of mind and help you save on your next trip. Like the best travel credit cards, insurance is an asset you should never travel without.

TravelInsurance.com is a popular online marketplace that allows you to compare quotes and buy a plan. It also offers educational resources and tips for planning your trip. This website is a great choice if you want to shop around and find the best plan for you. But if you already know which insurance plan you want, it might be more convenient to buy directly from the insurance provider.

Whichever plan you choose, make sure it fits your budget and offers all the benefits you need to take the stress out of traveling.