By Lisa Marie Segarra
June 17, 2017

Kim Kardashian has just released a bunch of new products in time for Father’s Day — including a custom fidget spinner.

The new “Daddy Money Fidget Spinner” is in the shape of a dollar sign and has the word “daddy” written on it.

Kardashian took to Instagram to promote her new merchandise Friday.

She captioned a picture of herself as a child, which is also available as a keychain, “Kimoji Daddy Drop today at noon! KIMOJI.COM #FathersDay @kimoji.”

The metallic gold fidget spinner costs $15 and is offered alongside other “daddy” themed items.

Catherine Hettinger is the inventor of the original fidget spinners.

“When you start seeing these things flying off the shelf at your local 7-11, you know things are heating up,” she told MONEY of the recent fidget spinner craze.

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