Anthony Nelson

Expert Reviewer
Joined May 2024

Anthony Nelson joined the forensic community as a master in the field of audio and video forensics, armed with a Master of Science in Recording Arts, Media Forensics from the University of Colorado. Specializing in the authentication, analysis and enhancement of digital recordings, Anthony's expertise is particularly strong in uncovering manipulations and media enhancement.

Throughout his career, Anthony has extended his skills beyond the laboratory and into the courtroom. He has provided expert testimony in various high-profile cases at both the federal and state levels, significantly influencing legal outcomes and highlighting his pivotal role in the forensic community.

Dedicated to justice and professional growth, Anthony continues to be a crucial figure in forensic investigations, offering a unique blend of academic excellence and practical experience. His work ensures accuracy and integrity in the exploration of audio and video evidence, making him an indispensable resource in the field.


University of Colorado

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