Rae Hartley Beck

Contributor Joined November 2022

Rae Hartley Beck received numerous commendations during her six years as a claims specialist for the Social Security Administration. She began writing about finance for her college newspaper with a column on living on limited means. Her work has appeared in Investopedia, Bankrate and other financial news outlets. A proponent of the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement, Rae went from having her family home foreclosed on in high school to becoming a homeowner at age 24.


  • Areas of Expertise: Retirement, Social Security, Medicare, real estate, lending, health insurance, credit cards, budgeting, travel rewards
  • 10 years of personal finance writing experience
  • BA, History and Education Studies, Berea College
  • Recipient of nine honor awards and citations from the Social Security Administration
  • Work has also appeared in: Bankrate, Investopedia, Credible, SmartAsset and Sound Dollar.


Five years of diligence and budgeting at the beginning of your career can save you 20 years at the end of it.