Sarina Finkelstein (photo illust—Getty Images (6); AP (2)

It's a pervasive theory in America that bigger is always better. If you just get a bigger house, a better career, you'll be happier, more satisfied, and wildly successful. And in some cases, that's certainly true. But when it comes to useful, inspiring, life-changing advice, sometimes all it takes is six words.

For bite-size bits of wisdom to apply to your career, love life, friendships, and more, Larry Smith (the founder of Smith Magazine) compiled The Best Advice in Six Words: Writers Famous and Obscure on Love, Sex, Money, Friendship, Family, Work, and Much More, as part of his Six-Word Project.

One to keep in mind?

"Never, ever drunk dial your boss," writes Kamal Parbhakar. Cheers to that.

Click through the gallery for more of the best career advice in the book from the likes of Amy Poehler and Shonda Rhimes and other celebrities, authors, and journalists who know a thing or two about success.

The Best Advice in Six Words is on sale now.