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Admit it — at this point, either you have friends riding front row with their hands up on the bitcoin hype train, or you are that person. The price of Bitcoin surged over the last week and is now above $15,ooo, sparking outcry from traditional investment experts like Mark Cuban and analysts like Vanguard legend Jack Bogle, but widespread skepticism isn't stopping die-hard cryptocurrency nuts from buying into the market.

Since all rewards from Bitcoin remain in an intangible cloud, however, you may find yourself seeking a few real-life gifts for your beloved Bitcoin buff. If so, Money has done a little personal shopping for you. But be warned: Some of these objects may be just as ridiculous as the notion that cryptocurrency is actually a safe place to put your money.

Bitcoin Socks

Courtesy of Kimchi Socks

Keep your toes warm with the heat from a million bitcoin mining rigs this winter.

Buy them on for $9.99.

Bitcoin Flask

Courtesy of BTC Trinkets

What better way to celebrate free-market cryptocurrency than by sneaking cheap alcohol into expensive bars?

Buy it on for $24.99.

Bitcoin Soap

Courtesy of BTC Trinkets

Here's how to scrub off that scent of freshly withdrawn bitcoin cash when you go all-digital.

Buy it on for $5.99.

Bitcoin Maternity Shirt

Courtesy of Cafe Press

It's never too soon to teach your child-to-be about investing in Bitcoin. Don’t even wait until they’ve exited the womb.

Buy it on for $24.99.

Bitcoin Pocket Square

Courtesy of Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Here’s a stylish statement piece for your next company party—especially if you want that statement to be that that you've got money to burn on bitcoin.

Buy it on for $21.

Bitcoin Dog Bandana

Courtesy of Runs With Mutts

The decentralized currency revolution extends to animals, too.

Buy it on for $5.99.

Bitcoin Cookie Cutters

Courtesy of of Etsy

What better icebreaker at your next dinner party than serving up a plate of fresh, hot takes on when the Bitcoin bubble’s gonna pop?

Buy them on for $5.60.

Bitcoin Flip-Flops

Courtesy of Cafe Press

Wear them to the beach, listen to the ocean waves, and relax with thoughts of how the Bitcoin price will probably have surged $2,000 by the time you get home.

Buy them on for $17.99.

Bitcoin Baby Onesie

Courtesy of Etsy

Kind of like the maternity shirt, except for an actual child.

Buy it on for $26.25.

Bitcoin Duvet Cover

Courtesy of Redbubble

Sleep peacefully knowing the government has yet to stake its claim in your online bitcoin fortunes.

Buy it on for $95.

Bitcoin Leggings

Courtesy of Ninjastries

If you’re one of the few women who own Bitcoin, you can flaunt your knowledge of cryptocurrency, right down to your toes.

Buy them on for $45.