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By Kerry Close
May 6, 2016
It costs nearly $2,000 to have your life delivered to you for a day via apps.
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Have you ever wondered how much it costs to be lazy?

In tech hub of San Francisco, journalists at SF Gate find themselves surrounded by startups that make daily chores disappear and will deliver almost anything you desire at the click of a button. So they decided to investigate how much it would cost to sit on their butts and have their lives delivered for an entire day. Their 39 total daily “needs” ranged from food delivery to dog walking to furniture moving.

Here are some of the biggest costs they incurred during their lazy day:

  • Ordering organic cage-free eggs to your doorstep: Health-focused startup Eggology has a minimum order of four 64-oz. jars of egg whites, priced at $120.37 total.
  • Get your plants watered and lawn mowed for the cost of $47 an hour by workers via TaskRabbit.
  • You certainly can’t be expected to manage your own business affairs, so hire an assistant from Magic+ at the rate of $100 an hour to schedule your meetings and book event spaces.
  • Call the handymen at Handy to paint two rooms in your house, at a total of $480. That doesn’t include the cost of primer and paint you’ll have to supply.
  • Need to spruce up your wardrobe? The personal stylists at Trunk Club update your closet for you, and based on the low end of their prices, an outfit of jeans, a casual shirt and a sweater will run you $370.

The final cost? Nearly $2,000. It’s up to you whether laziness is worth that hefty price tag.

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