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Published: Aug 01, 2022 10 min read
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Credit Versio offers an AI-powered, self-service option for consumers who want to improve their credit score. Its DIY credit repair services are an interesting alternative to the more common expensive subscription models that can cost almost $100 a month or more. For just the cost of a three-credit bureau subscription and postage for your dispute letters, you can access Credit Versio’s app for free.

Credit Versio Credit Repair Overview

If you’re looking for a lower-cost, more efficient alternative to credit repair, Credit Versio should be on your shortlist. While it’s a relative newcomer to the credit repair industry, the company’s DIY approach keeps its costs low while offering a number of tools for its users.

  • DIY credit repair backed by an AI-powered tool
  • Multiple packages based on your budget
  • Lower-priced credit repair options compared to other credit repair options
  • Credit Versio is a new company that doesn't have as much social proof or third-party ratings to fully assess the company's performance
  • The credit repair is mainly assisted through a software tool, with minimal human intervention (Credit Verio employees)

Credit Versio’s Services

Many people have errors on their credit reports and don’t even know it. In many cases, these errors can harm your credit score.

A low credit score might mean lower approval odds for products like credit cards, mortgages or personal loans. If you happen to get approved, lenders might see you as a credit risk. Your interest rate will be higher, potentially costing you thousands of dollars more than your higher credit score counterparts.

That’s where Credit Versio comes in. Credit Versio is a credit repair service that automates the process of removing incorrect or unverifiable information from your credit report. The credit repair company has service packages with reasonable rates and unlimited dispute letters.

What Credit Versio offers

Credit Versio has an automated system that connects to your Equifax, TransUnion and Experian credit profiles. Once this information appears in your Credit Versio dashboard, you can dispute one or more negative items:

  • Inquiries
  • Late payments
  • Charge-offs
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Student loans
  • Bankruptcies

Credit Versio’s AI-driven tools can identify up to 20 different types of negative accounts. Not only does the dashboard display all of your negative accounts, but you can drill down into each item to see why the account is considered a negative item.

The dashboard report might even reveal how late a payment is or some other detail about the derogatory nature of the negative item. At the bottom of this screen, you’ll also see a recommended dispute strategy. You can choose this recommended dispute option, choose another from a dropdown menu or manually type in your own.

This tool can create a letter from a template to address this account and automatically insert the reason why the account should be deleted. The tool will include all pertinent account information and place it in a format the credit bureaus prefer. Credit Versio’s tool will email your dispute letters to you, which you will then print and mail to each credit bureau. According to Credit Versio’s website, mailing your dispute letters is more effective than using online options to dispute your credit report.

Once you start disputing accounts, Credit Versio’s tool displays monthly updates regarding your score and credit status. If a dispute is unsuccessful, the tool can evaluate the reason and suggest another strategic dispute method.

The “secret sauce,” so to speak, is an algorithm that can provide a statistical analysis of your credit file from a digital perspective. The company compiles a record of data points that informs the algorithm, backed by machine learning. It can recommend the most successful dispute based on the nature of the negative items on your credit report.

Credit Versio offers three different packages at reasonably affordable rates:

smartcredit Basic smartcredit Premium IdentityIQ
$19.95/month $24.95/month $29.99/month
Unlimited Credit Versio Disputes Unlimited Credit Versio Disputes Unlimited Credit Versio Disputes
Monthly 3 Bureau Reports & Scores Monthly 3 Bureau Reports & Scores Monthly 3 Bureau Reports & Scores
Identity Theft Insurance ($1M) Identity Theft Insurance ($1M) Identity Theft Insurance ($25K)
Credit Monitoring & Alerts (TU) Credit Monitoring & Alerts (TU) Credit Monitoring & Alerts (TU)
Includes SmartCredit Money Manager with 2 monthly Transunion Report & Score updates in SmartCredit. Includes SmartCredit Money Manager with Unlimited Transunion Report & Score updates in SmartCredit. IdentityIQ includes a 7 day trial for $1.

You have the option to cancel your Credit Versio subscription at any time.

What Credit Versio doesn’t offer

Be advised that what Credit Versio offers is more of a DIY credit repair tool. Unlike some credit repair companies, Credit Versio doesn’t seem to rely heavily on case managers or other staff to walk you through the credit repair process.

Its credit repair strategy puts its software tool at the forefront, with human assistance as a backup to support your interaction with its automated platform. Although the human coaching element is minimal, it’s good to know that Credit Versio also maintains a blog and YouTube channel with educational resources about credit.

As a DIYer, you’ll be forced to learn many things quickly, like how to read your credit report, what the dispute process entails and much more. This could ultimately turn you into a more educated consumer, which isn’t a bad thing.

Credit Versio’s Credentials

Credit Versio is a relative newcomer to the credit repair scene. The company was founded in 2019 and began onboarding users in 2020. Since then, it has since served 100,000 clients.

Licenses and Registrations

Credit Versio’s business is incorporated in the state of Nevada with Corporate Creations Network, Inc. cited as the company’s registered agent.

Awards and Certifications

Credit Versio has not received awards or certifications as of the time of this writing (July 2022).

Regulatory or Legal Actions

Because Credit Versio is a newer company, we couldn’t find any legal complaints, regulatory or legal actions against Credit Versio, and the company does not yet have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Profile.

Note, although we always try to include accurate and up-to-date information on regulatory and legal actions, we don’t claim this information is complete or fully up to date. As always, we recommend you do your own research as well.

Credit Versio Accessibility

Credit Versio’s representatives are available to respond to your inquiries and issues via website and phone. Here’s more information on how to reach the company.


Credit Versio’s staff is available by phone or email from 9 am-5 pm (PST) from Monday to Friday.

Contact Information

You can reach the company during regular office hours at 702-930-3903. Its general email address is support@creditversio.com.

User Experience

Credit Versio’s website has enough information to explain how its tool works and the credit repair packages it offers. Once you sign up for service with Credit Versio, you’ll get access to the AI-powered dashboard to start managing your dispute process.


Although Credit Versio’s web-based tool is very robust and effective, it doesn’t yet offer a user experience via Android or iOS app. However, you can access it from any browser, including a mobile one.

Credit Versio Satisfaction Ratings

So far, Credit Versio only has a presence on one review website. We combed through the reviews, comments and complaints and found a few common threads, which we’ll discuss below.

Third-Party Ratings

At the time of this writing, Credit Versio doesn’t have any profiles with third-party review sites such as Consumer Affairs, Google Business, Yelp or even the Better Business Bureau. It doesn’t yet have a profile on Trustpilot, which shows a 4.3 out of 5-star rating. Although Credit Versio has claimed this profile, it hasn’t yet responded to any customer feedback.

Note, there are no official organizations or third parties that rate the credit repair. This information is provided based on the information we have available at the time of publishing.

Customer Complaints

The majority of the reviews on Trustpilot are positive and cite good outcomes, thus the 4.3 out of 5- star rating. Most 1-, 2- and 3-star reviews mention the following issues:

  • Not all negative items are removed as customers expected.
  • The data pulled by the tool is not always up-to-date.
  • Customers didn’t receive the value of what they paid for.
  • Upon canceling, customer accounts were still charged another 1-2 billing cycles.

Credit Versio FAQ

Is Credit Versio real?

Credit Versio is a real credit repair company based in Nevada. Its main method of credit repair is a software tool that creates dispute letters and manages the dispute process.

What credit score does Credit Versio use?

Credit Versio's application tool pulls information from all three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Is paying someone to fix your credit worth it?

If you don't know much about disputing negative items on your credit report, you could benefit from a service with a track record of successful credit repair outcomes. You may not see results overnight, but there's a good chance that it can be helpful depending on your financial goals.

How We Evaluated Credit Versio

Our evaluation of Credit Versio is based on a combination of information from the company website, customer review sites, industry watchdog reports and third-party consumer advocacy sites.

Summary of Money’s Credit Versio Review

Credit Versio is a newer credit repair company with an angle that might give it an advantage over its competitors: an AI-powered dispute process and a lower-than-average price. Although it remains to be seen just how well the company is at serving its clients and garnering successful outcomes for them, we like the lower-cost, DIY approach Credit Versio offers.

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