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Published: Nov 22, 2022 13 min read
Delta Airlines plane taking off

As one of the world’s leading commercial carriers in terms of fleet size, passengers flown, and destinations serviced, Delta Airlines is able to offer its customers a wide range of options to upgrade flights and access additional travel perks.

One such experience is Delta Comfort Plus, an affordable way to make your flight more comfortable, with dedicated overhead bin space, extra legroom, and expedited boarding and deplaning, among other amenities. Read on for details about Delta Comfort Plus and whether it’s worth the additional cost.

What is Delta Comfort Plus?

Delta Airlines offers six unique seating classes, ranging from affordable Basic Economy to luxurious Delta One international experiences. Delta Comfort Plus is Delta's premium economy option, providing more inches of legroom and other perks without the price of First Class or Premium Select tickets.

Some of the Delta Comfort Plus perks begin even before you enter the aircraft. Comfort Plus passengers enjoy priority boarding — as well as quicker deplaning — reducing the wait time on the ground.

Delta Comfort Plus seats also provide more legroom and extra recline, adding affordable luxuries to enhance your next flight. As an additional perk, passengers on longer flights receive an amenity kit with toiletries to arrive refreshed.

Is Delta Comfort Plus worth it?

Delta Comfort Plus includes many perks not found in other Delta classes that make mid- to long-haul flights much cozier, specifically seat spacing and location, when compared to Main Cabin seats.

The added comfort and convenience that Delta Comfort Plus provides over Main Cabin seats would be welcome additions for any traveler, particularly parents traveling with small children who might enjoy extra legroom when carrying their infant child.

Costs vary depending on your destination but Delta’s website makes price comparisons easy. Typically, the cost to upgrade is lower as the flight date approaches. It’s important to note, however, that Delta Basic Economy tickets cannot be upgraded to any other seating class, including Delta Comfort Plus.

What you get with the Delta Comfort Plus experience

Delta offers the Comfort Plus upgrade on all domestic and international flights. When comparing Delta Comfort Plus against Premium Select and other higher classes, the Comfort Plus option has a more accessible price point. Consider an upgrade to Comfort Plus when flying on lesser-traveled routes or between smaller airports, as smaller aircraft may not support higher upgrades.

Comfort Plus benefits don't only involve the size of your seat. Below you'll find some additional benefits you'll have when flying Comfort Plus.

Priority boarding call

Delta Comfort Plus passengers enjoy priority boarding calls to get on the plane earlier than economy-class customers, although they still board behind premium First Class and Delta One cabins on international flights. However, the Comfort Plus boarding time allows them to be among the first passengers on and off the plane for domestic journeys.

Comfort Plus seating is closer to the front of the plane compared to economy seats which allows travelers to deplane earlier than the Main Cabin and Basic Economy passengers.

While the aircraft size and route are the determining factors for the exact boarding order, the default branded boarding order is:

  1. Delta One
  2. Delta Premium Select or First Class
  3. Delta Comfort Plus
  4. Main Cabin 1-3
  5. Basic Economy

Groups may be consolidated depending on the size of the aircraft and the equipped cabins.

Extra legroom and deeper recline

Extra legroom is one of the primary benefits of the Comfort Plus experience. Depending on where you're seated in the plane, your Comfort Plus seat will offer up to four inches of extra legroom.

Comfort Plus offers an appealing option for those traveling with lap infants or needing more leeway to move in and out of their seats. It can also make a long-haul flight more comfortable for taller passengers. Additionally, the recline pitch is nearly 50 percent more than the seats in the Main Cabin, ideal for red-eyes or just a quick nap.

Access to a dedicated overhead bin space

Comfort Plus upgrades include access to a dedicated overhead bin above your seat. You won't need to worry about finding a conveniently located carry-on space — or, worse, checking your carry-on at the gate. This benefit alone can make Comfort Plus worth it for parents who don't want to risk having their children separated from necessities on a long-haul flight.

Premium snacks and beverages

Since Comfort Plus seats are closer to the front of the plane, attendants serve you sooner than passengers in the Main Cabin seats. Comfort Plus fliers have access to upgraded beverages and snacks on domestic and international flights, including Starbucks coffee and a wider selection of sweet and savory snacks. Delta can accommodate 11 different dietary restrictions, with all options available on Delta's international routes.

If you're over the age of 21 and flying out of a domestic airport, you'll also have access to complimentary alcoholic beverages. Beer, wine and select spirits are offered free of charge to Comfort Plus passengers on domestic and international flights traveling at least 251 miles. International flights outside North America and the Caribbean may include a limited selection of wines.

An amenity kit

Also included in the experience is an amenity kit containing toiletries and essentials, like a disposable toothbrush or a pack of baby wipes, to help keep passengers fresh, clean and comfortable on a long flight.

Delta Comfort Plus international travelers receive the complimentary amenity kit at their seats shortly after boarding. Amenity kit contents on longer flights vary depending on the route but can include items such as light-blocking eye masks and dental floss. Select international routes even feature limited edition amenity kits designed by local artists of the destination country.

How to upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus

You can upgrade your flight to Comfort Plus using one of several methods. Comfort Plus is one of Delta's lower tiers of upgrades and the most frequently offered perk from Delta's many partners. If you fly with Delta regularly, you might find yourself in a Comfort Plus seat without needing to pay extra or even requesting it.

Pay with cash or use miles

The most straightforward way to gain access to the Delta Comfort Plus drinks, boarding and booking benefits is to upgrade your flight when you purchase it. When checking out through Delta online, upgrade your Main Cabin seat to Comfort Plus when prompted. SkyMiles members can cover the upgrade fee using miles. The specific price increase and the number of miles you'll need to upgrade will vary depending on your flight details.

Become a Medallion member

If you frequently fly Delta as your airline of choice, you might find yourself in a Comfort Plus seat without extra work. As a Medallion member, you can access unlimited complimentary upgrades to Comfort Plus or First Class, depending on your status. Medallion members receive this benefit regardless of tier status. To become a Medallion member, you must fly multiple times annually with Delta and meet specific mileage requirements.

Get a Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express card

Like most major airlines, Delta’s travel credit cards provide miles and perks when members use it to book flights or make everyday purchases.

For example, one of the perks a Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express cardholder receives is a complimentary, domestic round-trip companion certificate. Cardholders receive this particular perk annually when they renew their card membership. The companion certificate may be used for First Class, Comfort Plus, or Main Cabin fares.

Remember that your companion ticket must match your purchase ticket class to use this benefit. In other words, you cannot purchase a Main Cabin ticket and use your companion credit to buy a First Class ticket on the same flight.

Should you travel in Premium Select or First Class instead?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the type of flying experience you prefer and your travel budget. The benefits of Delta Comfort Plus will make your flight more comfortable but won't provide the flexibility other upgrade tiers might. For example, Premium Select features a greater variety of situations that allow you to change your flight reservation without having to pay a change fee.

The benefits of Comfort Plus are also on a lower unique tier from First Class or the enhanced Delta One experience. Comfort Plus functions as a more comfortable form of economy travel, while First Class includes additional baggage, lounge access, in-flight dining (certain flights include a chef-curated meal), a personal attendant, larger seat-back screens, adjustable privacy doors and a flat reclining bed on long-haul flights.

If you're looking for a minor, affordable upgrade, choose Premium Select or Comfort Plus for a cheaper flight. First Class might be the right choice if you want a premium experience or have airline points to use. If you think you want to stick with economy travel, Delta still offers a fair and comfortable flight package for Main Cabin passengers, especially for a short flight.

What to keep in mind before you book

Think of Comfort Plus as an upgraded economy class with practical comforts for those who hate to fly, fly on a tight schedule or need more space. Comfort Plus offers customers enhanced convenience and amenities without the price tag of Premium Economy or First Class. The main perks revolve around getting on and off the plane efficiently. However, before you book, consider the following important points.

No free checked baggage on domestic flights

Delta Comfort Plus baggage upgrades do not include a free checked bag on domestic flights, so you'll need to budget for this cost when choosing your seat. If you must check a bag, upgrade your flight to a higher class or purchase a checked bag online.

The cancellation and change policy

Comfort Plus upgrades center around seating and do not include more flexible cancellations than standard seats. However, Delta offers a 24-hour risk-free cancellation period on all flights, regardless of tier. Cancel your reservation and receive a full refund within 24 hours of making your reservation. Cancellation and fare change fees on Comfort Plus tickets may apply after the 24-hour period.

In general, having travel insurance can also help cover you in the event of cancellation or emergency.

Delta Comfort Plus Key Takeaways

  • Delta Comfort Plus benefits help you enjoy a more comfortable flight than economy seats.
  • Comfort Plus seats include more legroom, early boarding and a wider range of snacks and beverages. It does not have baggage or flight change benefits.
  • Before asking Delta how to upgrade to Comfort Plus, check your booking. Medallion members may be automatically upgraded. You can also purchase the Comfort Plus upgrade when you book your flights.
  • Comfort Plus is best for customers looking for more comfort at an affordable price.
  • Comfort Plus is not for customers who want a significantly larger seat or benefits beyond boarding, flying, and deplaning (such as lounge access or discounts).