Big Bend, Texas
Witold Skrypczak—Getty Images/Lonely Planet Image

Group trips can be a deal, since operators get discounts for booking in bulk. The key is finding the right one for you. The best tours pair a great itinerary with compatible travelers. Try these strategies to get both:

  • Don’t assume smaller is better. Tiny groups aren’t for everyone, says Peter Grubb of ROW Adventures. Big tours can be daunting, but small ones mean lots of time with a few people.
  • Read the crowd. Honeymooners may not want to tour with retirees and vice versa. A good operator will tell you about the type of folks who typically take the trip, including ages and travel styles.
  • Know yourself. Most tours mean following a schedule and accommodating others, says Greg Geronemus of outfitter smarTours. Control freak? Pick a self-guided trip or one with free time.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are three great destinations to check out.