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The VA loan is an attractive option for many veterans and active duty personnel looking for a home. Guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, these mortgages are offered through the best VA loan lenders across the U.S., providing an efficient and accessible avenue for financing a dream home.

Magnolia Bank VA Loans allow veterans and active duty service members or their spouses to own a home with little or no down payment. Plus, VA loan rates and funding fees are lower compared to regular mortgage loans. A key difference between VA loans and other types is that VA loans require a certificate of eligibility demonstrating you're a veteran. With that in mind, Magnolia Bank is one of the top 20 bank originators in the U.S., covering loans for all 50 states with competitive interest rates and tailored loan packages.

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Best for fast approvals

Magnolia Bank has the edge over competitors in delivering fast and efficient VA loan closure rates and closing applications. The bank claims that it can close applications within 30 days or less. This is quicker than the industry standard of 40 to 50 days.

Magnolia Bank VA loans pros and cons

  • Has decades of industry experience
  • BBB A+ rating
  • Flexible loan options
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Mortgage rates are not provided online
  • Mixed consumer reviews

Pros explained

Over 100 years of experience

Magnolia Bank has deep roots in the financial space with a century-long experience in the industry. The company is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured bank offering reliable loan options in the U.S. since 1919. While it’s not clear when Magnolia Bank started offering loans specifically for veterans, the bank's 100 years of providing loans indicates stability and experience.

BBB accredited with an A+ rating

This VA loan lender currently holds an A+ rating with the BBB and features multiple positive online reviews. Most of these positive reviews highlight Magnolia's excellent and personalized customer support. The company also takes the time to reply to reviews on its BBB page, with 23 responses out of a total of 54.

Flexible loan rate options

Magnolia Bank offers adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) for veterans. An ARM is a loan whose interest rate changes periodically based on market indicators. Unlike a fixed-rate mortgage, where the interest rate stays the same for the life of the loan, with an ARM, your rates could increase or decrease over time. With a 5/1 ARM, for example, your initial rate will be locked in for five years at a fixed rate before it can adjust once per year for the next 25 years.

Available nationwide

Magnolia Bank is an established VA loan mortgage lending leader, offering personalized loan services for borrowers in all 50 states. They have offices in Kentucky and loan branches in other states such as Indiana, California, Connecticut and Ohio.

Cons explained

Its website doesn't specify fees

Magnolia Bank offers various loan products but does not provide specific VA loan mortgage rates or fees. Interested customers can contact a representative directly to get detailed information about their specific mortgage requirements and tips for getting the best VA loan rate.

On average, you can expect the bank to charge you a funding fee of 2.15% if your down payment is less than 5%. You may also pay up to a 1% origination charge as well as an appraisal fee — this costs around $400 to $500 on average, depending on your region.

Mixed consumer reviews

Magnolia Bank customer reviews are mixed. The Better Business Bureau website shows a score of 3.46 out of 5 based on 54 reviews. Of the 54 reviews, around 20 of them are one or two stars out of five.

Many customers have had a satisfactory experience overall, citing the company’s reliability and ease of application procedure. However, there have been reports of inconsistent quotes and some loan officers not responding to customer queries promptly.

Magnolia Bank VA loan offerings

Magnolia Bank offers different types of mortgage loans. You can choose the mortgage type that fits your needs and financial situation.

VA purchase loan

A VA purchase loan is a type of mortgage loan backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that can be used to finance the purchase of a home or other real estate property. These loans offer qualified veterans, service members and surviving spouses the opportunity to purchase a home with favorable terms, including no down payment requirements and more flexible qualification standards than conventional loans such as conforming and non-conforming loans.

VA purchase loans have the added benefit of protecting eligible borrowers from ever having to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI), regardless of their total loan-to-value percentage ratio.

VA streamline refinance

A VA Streamline Refinance is also an interest-rate reduction refinancing loan. This type of loan provides veterans with a quick and easy way to lower their monthly mortgage payments without having to provide income documentation or appraisal.

The VA Streamline process also requires no cash out of pocket from the Veteran. Any closing costs associated with the loan can be rolled into the loan amount. This type of mortgage doesn’t require a credit check, making this an attractive option for those who may not qualify for traditional refinancing.

Jumbo VA loan

A Jumbo VA loan is a mortgage loan that exceeds the conforming loan limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. It allows veterans to purchase a home in a high-cost housing market or refinance an existing loan. With this type of loan, borrowers may be eligible for up to 100% financing without paying PMI.

Veterans may qualify for a lower interest rate than those who use traditional (non-government) loans. These loans also typically have fewer restrictions, such as no income or debt-to-income ratio requirements, making them more attractive to borrowers with unique finances.

VA construction loan

Magnolia Bank offers VA construction loans through its National Home Loans Division. This type of loan is a specialized program available only to eligible United States Armed Forces veterans. It allows veterans to borrow money to pay for the costs of building a new home, including land purchase, construction materials and labor costs.

The loan is typically secured by a mortgage on the property and requires no down payment. This type of loan is an attractive option for veterans because it may offer lower interest rates than other types of loans and require less upfront cash outlay.

Magnolia Bank VA loan pricing

Magnolia Bank does not disclose rates for its VA loan products on its website. You can only request a personalized quote by filling out an application form or contacting a mortgage specialist. However, you can expect an interest rate of around 6% for all veteran loan products, depending on your financial history.

Magnolia Bank financial stability

Magnolia Bank is a well-established bank that has been operating and providing customers with financial products since 1919. As such, it's not likely to fail anytime soon. You can see on the organization’s financial reports that it has a strong balance sheet and healthy financials. In addition, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs backs all Magnolia Bank’s VA loans, unlike other types of loans such as home equity loans where you borrow against the equity of your house. This adds to the stability of Magnolia Bank VA loans.

If you’re interested in these types of loans, check out our guide on the best home equity loans.

Magnolia Bank accessibility


Magnolia Bank provides loan services in all 50 states. The company has four physical offices in Kentucky and loan branches in other states, including California, Ohio, Indiana and Connecticut.

Contact Information

For new applicants, email the Mortgage Help Desk at mortgagehelpdesk@magnoliabank.com if you are unsure who your loan officer is.

For home loan servicing customers, call Magnolia Bank at 833-349-1752 or email at mortgageservicing@magnoliabank.com.

Send your feedback or Magnolia Bank complaints to complaints@magnoliabank.com.

User experience

Magnolia Bank does not have specific information about fees and minimum credit scores on its website. If you are interested in a loan from Magnolia Bank, you can complete the online form on the website to get a no-obligation rate and payment quote. Or, you can speak with a loan officer to begin your VA loan application process. Once you have a loan, the loan management service is on another website, so be prepared for extra clicking. All information about VA loans can be found under the Personal tab at the top of the page.

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Magnolia Bank customer satisfaction

Magnolia Bank has strong customer satisfaction overall, based on online reviews. It’s a member of the FDIC and FHLB and has no regulatory actions with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System.

It currently holds a BBB A+ rating with multiple positive reviews. The company doesn’t appear to have any complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. However, on March 10, 2022, the FDIC ordered Magnolia Bank to pay a civil money penalty.

Magnolia Bank VA loans FAQ

What is a VA home mortgage loan?


A VA home mortgage loan is designed to help service members, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses obtain a loan under the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. VA loans may be easier for veterans to qualify for than other mortgage loans because the government backs these types of mortgages, reducing the risk for potential investors. This type of loan is similar to FHA loans, which are also insured by the federal government. If you're also interested in these types of products, read What is an FHA loan?

Closing costs and interest rates are typically lower than other loan products, saving borrowers more money in the long run. As added benefits for U.S. veterans, all VA loans offer no down payment requirements, PMI premiums and more lenient eligibility requirements, regardless of lender.

How do VA home loans work?


The Department of Veteran Affairs administers the VA loan program, which provides loan guarantees to private lenders. This guarantee gives private mortgage companies the confidence to approve borrowers without requiring money down or strong credit scores.

If you are weighing your loan options, the VA loan has five key steps to complete before you can close on the house: preapproval, house hunting, getting under contract, appraisal and underwriting, and closing.

Preapproval: This step requires you to submit your financial information to the lender so they can determine how much you can borrow.

House hunting: This is the fun part. Go shopping for your new home, decide on a property and negotiate with the seller.

Getting under contract: Once you have found your ideal home, formally apply for the VA loan. Provide the bank with all the necessary documents to verify your background and eligibility for the loan.

VA appraisal and underwriting: During the appraisal process, a certified VA appraiser will visit the home and inspect its condition to determine an estimate of market value. Lenders will use this as collateral if they need to foreclose on the house.

The underwriting phase is also essential as it looks into future trends in housing values, borrowers' credit scores and debt-to-income ratio. This crucial step provides information on whether or not a borrower will be able to meet their mortgage repayment obligations.

Closing: This phase is typically completed with a settlement agent or an attorney who'll review all closing documents and coordinate the transfer of the title, deed, and any other funds needed. Your loan officer will also be present to review and discuss documents with you. Once you have fulfilled all requirements and signed the necessary paperwork, you can expect to receive the keys and begin living in your new home shortly thereafter.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Magnolia Bank VA loan?


There is no information about the Magnolia Bank mortgage requirements on its website. The company considers every loan individually, so the best step is to contact one of its representatives to determine eligibility requirements for your desired Magnolia Bank home loan. The minimum Magnolia Bank mortgage credit score is at least 580.

You may also refer to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website for the complete list of eligibility requirements for the VA home loan program. Requirements will differ depending on your service history and duty status.

How do I apply for a Magnolia Bank VA loan?


Magnolia Bank provides a straightforward and streamlined loan application process that can be completed in as little as five minutes. You can fill out the pre-qualification form on its website, where you will be asked to provide basic information.

After completing the form, you can view the detailed summary of your loan scenario, and a link to your personalized dashboard will appear. On your dashboard, you can review your options, including track alerts, rate options, and adjust preferences.

Once the application is submitted, you can access your loan disclosures and a detailed list of all required documents. After that, you should expect a response within 48-72 hours. Approval is determined after careful review by the lender.

You can also speak directly with one of Magnolia's mortgage specialists to begin your loan application process.

How we evaluated Magnolia Bank VA loans

To evaluate Magnolia Bank, we compared the company with other lenders offering VA loans. We also examined the company’s loan products, eligibility requirements and closing costs. We searched for the company’s credentials, relevant awards, licenses, certifications and any regulatory or legal actions against the lender.

To evaluate Magnolia Bank’s accessibility, we explored its website, sent queries to its loan officers and reviewed the application process.

Finally, we read Magnolia Bank reviews and complaints from third-party sources to get a general idea of how Magnolia Bank fares regarding customer satisfaction.

Summary of Money's Magnolia Bank VA loans review

Overall, Magnolia Bank offers a secure and efficient loan application process, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure all customer information is kept safe and confidential. The bank's online quoting system makes it easy for customers to apply for a loan according to individual needs. The one notable downside with Magnolia Bank is that its website does not disclose information regarding fees and rates. Customers must fill out an online form and wait for a mortgage officer to contact them.

As with all VA loans, Magnolia Bank provides loans for veterans with flexible qualification criteria to accommodate those with less-than-perfect credit histories or income levels. On top of this, Magnolia Bank mortgage repayment terms are flexible to make the loan process easier for all applicants.

Magnolia Bank offers helpful resources on its website, such as guides, tools and mortgage calculators that can help customers understand the various aspects of mortgages to make the best decisions regarding their finances.