By Rob Wile
February 21, 2017

Looking for inspiration for your next novel? How about the Mall of America.

America’s largest shopping center has announced it will pay one writer to spend five days “deeply immersed in the Mall atmosphere while writing on-the-fly impressions in their own words,” as part of its 25th anniversary celebration.

The mall, located south of Minneapolis, Minn., will hold a contest to choose who will be the writer in residence. Twenty-five semifinalists will be selected from applications that will be judged on creativity and skill.

The winner will sleep in an attached hotel and spend their days at the mall, using a $400 gift card to buy food and drinks. They’ll also “collect a generous honorarium for the sweat and tears they’ll put into their prose,” the mall said.

The deadline to apply is March 10. Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply here.

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