By Katie Reilly
November 1, 2017

Select McDonald’s locations are bringing back the McRib, the barbecue sandwich that has inspired a strong following among customers of the fast-food giant.

Individual McDonald’s locations have announced the return of the McRib. Locations in Southern California will begin serving the sandwich on Thursday, and location in Hawaii will add it back to the menu on Nov. 7, according to tweets from regional McDonald’s accounts.

McRib Locator, a website that tracks the sandwich, has confirmed 15 locations across the country that started selling the sandwich again on Monday. According to the site, the McRib will be offered during the next two weeks at locations in South Carolina, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.

McDonald’s has said the return of the McRib is based on consumer demand in different locations.

“There’s a lot of mystery around why the McRib comes and goes, but to be honest it’s a local option based on consumer demand,” the main McDonald’s Twitter account said last week.

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