Published: Jun 17, 2016 2 min read

Many movies are quite obviously focused on money. To be considered on our list of the Best Money Movies ever made, our requirements stipulated that money needed to be a core part of the plot, or a finance industry worker had to be one of the main characters, and the film had to pass along important lessons about money, including all the good and bad it can bring. (You can still weigh in and pick your favorite Money Movie, but act soon: We're cutting the voting off on July 5 and will announce a winner later this summer.)

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A different, smaller and subtler category of films may seem like they have little or nothing to do with money on the surface, and yet they too concern themselves with the topic that's always on the minds of staffers here at Money. We're talking about movies that focus on money—or more specifically, capitalism, consumerism, classism and uprisings against the 1%, and even the national monetary system—at a deeper level that can sail right over the heads of the viewer engrossed in the simple escapist entertainment up on the screen.

Check out the money-centric interpretations of these seven movies—including a few all-time classics—to appreciate them in an entirely different light.