By Ethan Wolff-Mann
March 29, 2016
Andrew Harrer—Bloomberg/Getty Images

“House of Cards” has been out for a few weeks now. So you’ve probably already finished it. That’s because we binge. It used to be the new way to watch television, and pretty soon it might be the only way anybody will be willing to watch any TV programming outside of live sports or maybe “Game of Thrones.”

Since TV is clearly the modern opiate of the people, Josh Kirk, a developer at Third Wish Creative, has improved the delivery method by creating a Google Chrome web extension called Flix Assist that automatically says yes to the “continue watching” prompt at the bottom right of your screen.

Of course, this development will affect millennials principally, since that demographic favors watching TV in a browser more than the rest.

In addition to skipping the credits and countdown to next episode, the extension will also disable the judgey “are you still there” prompt that comes when you’re good and glazed over. Because no one likes a sassy computer.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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