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Have you learned a lesson from an investing mistake? Money magazine would like to hear from you.

Investing for the future is seldom a smooth journey. For many decades, you have to set goals, free up money to save, sort out your retirement plan options, and pick investments. You’re bound to stumble now and then, and if you do you’re not alone: 46% of investors say they waited too long to start investing, one survey found; 41% say they held a losing investment for too long.

Perhaps you skipped funding your 401(k) and missed out on your employer match, or cashed out your retirement plan last time you switched jobs. Did you bet too heavily on tech stocks back when they seemed like the must-own investment? Or has the financial crisis left you so scared of the market that you’ve missed out as stock prices have doubled since 2009? A new survey of investor sentiment by MFS Investment Management found that many individuals are more risk averse than the pros think they should be, which could lead them to make the mistake of shunning stocks for the long term.

For an upcoming story in Money, we want to hear about your greatest regrets as an investor. What were your biggest slip-ups, what led you down the wrong path, how did you recover, and what advice would you offer to other investors going through a similar rough patch?

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