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Published: Mar 17, 2018 5 min read
Mallorca, Spain is one of the best places to travel in 2018
Sunbathers enjoy the beach at Cala Llombards on Mallorca.
Getty Images—iStock

Great travel photography is an intricate combination, one that documents an area’s landscape, people, culture, and history, sometimes in a single image. Thanks to Instagram, it’s never been easier to find pages that deliver aspirational images across the globe. It’s so easy that we are often inundated with pictures, making it difficult to find those unique viewpoints.

What kind of images in this very common form of photography stand out above others? We prioritize a skillful use of geometry in the frame, as well as knowing weather patterns and using them to your advantage. Sensitivity to a region’s landscape, both cultural and geographic, is also imperative.

Below, we’ve selected 10 photographers who offer a beautiful and distinct perspective of travel. Follow them and you might get your next great vacation idea without ever looking up from your phone.

For Dreamy Landscapes

Franz Navarrete, based in Singapore, photographs landscapes with a dreamy color palate that makes you want be where he shoots. The alluring atmosphere practically oozes through his feed, a feeling he secures by using weather elements such as fog, sunrises, and sunsets to create depth and mystery.

An Architectural Gem

In her feed, you can clearly see that Connie Zhou knows how to shoot geometry. Based in New York, she specializes in architecture but makes a potentially dry subject playful and enticing with an angular quality that gives each post enough juice to keep you coming back for more.

That You-Are-There Immediacy

Originally from São Paulo, Berlin-based Ériver Hijano shoots all over the world and always seems to find a different way to see a landscape. Whether he’s photographing what you look like when you’re taking a picture or showing his feet in dreamy interiors, Ériver will inspire your envy with every post.

The Overlooked Moment

Although Sasha Arutyunova is typically hired for her moody portraiture, the Moscow-born, New York-based photographer brings vibrant colors and rich textures to the street. Her gift for shedding light on often overlooked moments can give you a new perspective on your daily commute.

For Rural Gazing

When he’s not shooting landscapes, Nich McElroy spends his springs shearing sheep for a living. The Los Angeles-based photographer’s pictures will make you want live in permanent dusk—or, at the very least, wish you were surrounded by animals in the desert.

A Rich Character

Céline Clanet is relatively new to Instagram, but her skill as a photographer precedes her posts. Based in Paris, her pictures range from cultural events such as the French Open (above) to poignant images of life in Lapland. No matter the subject, you’ll see a rich sense of place and time that’s remarkably presented.

Creative Formats

One of the pleasures of looking through Michael Turek’s Instagram is how personal it is. It looks like a visual diary capturing experimental perspectives of normal—as well as unusual—experiences. Using multiple exposures or longer shutter speeds, Michael plays with the boundaries of what some could consider travel photography.

Portraits That Go Deeper

Wayne Lawrence’s photographs show us travel through portraiture. Originally from St. Kitts, his work often revolves around water, and his sensitivity toward subjects allows viewers to gain access to otherwise-overlooked communities.

Southern Living

Looking at the photographs of Akasha Rabut is like reading a love letter about life in the South. Her pale, yet creamy tones whisk you to a world you knew existed but have been unable to see. Follow along as she documents female motorcyclists, New Orleans’ urban cowboys, high school athletics, and much more.

Contemporary Scenes

Adam Whyte’s feed shows a strong contemporary look at life and scenes surrounding him. You can almost see him answering his own questions while you run through his feed: Ordinary scenes are made complex by shooting through reflections, using flash, or emphasizing strong color schemes.