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Research shows that women are better at investing than men.
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Sorry, guys: New research shows that women are better at investing than you.

The investment firm Fidelity found that female investors exceed males by 0.3% in 2016, according to CNN. What's more, Fidelity also concluded that women have outperformed men in the last decade. Openfolio, an investing tracking app, found similar results—according to their research, as cited by CNN, women have surpassed men in investing every year for the last three years.

The reason? At least in part, men sometimes buy and sell stock too soon. Women, on the other hand, will more times than not adhere to the "buy and hold" method, CNN reports.

"Women have long-term goals, and they stick with the plan," Kathy Murphy, president of personal investing at Fidelity, told CNN. "They focus on saving and investing for retirement or a kid's college fund, not on outsmarting the market."

Though women tend to be better savers, they still have one major flaw when it comes to investing: They're fearful. According to CNN, women can be less confident about investing—a pitfall that may lead them to avoid the stock market altogether.