See 2016's list of the 10 best colleges for business majors.

Business is the single most popular major for college students today. But one of the first lessons future business leaders have to learn is "buyer beware." Some colleges' business programs seem to provide little in the way of an earnings boost for graduates, while other schools' names help get their grads' résumés to the top of job recruiters' lists.

Here are 10 high-value colleges where alumni with bachelor's degrees in business tend to out-earn their counterparts from most other schools.

These colleges scored the best overall when we combined Money's measures of each institution's educational quality and affordability, including graduation rates and student and parent debt loads, with the earnings reported to by alumni who earned a bachelor's in business and didn't go on to earn an MBA or other graduate degree.

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Each of those main factors—educational quality, affordability, and post-graduate success—was given an equal weight of 1/3.

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