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Published: Aug 31, 2023 12 min read

When it comes to hitting the road and exploring the great outdoors in the comfort of a recreational vehicle (RV), having the right insurance coverage is a must. RVs are valuable investments that require protection from unforeseen events.

One RV insurance provider is The American Automobile Association, usually called “Triple-A” (AAA). The company is most well-known for its roadside assistance services and travel discounts, but AAA also offers insurance products to its club members.

In this AAA RV insurance review, we'll look at the company’s offerings, pricing, financial stability, accessibility and customer satisfaction to help you choose the best RV insurance for your needs.

AAA RV insurance pros and cons

  • Extensive coverage options
  • Offers emergency roadside assistance
  • Membership includes additional benefits
  • Only available to AAA members
  • Coverage varies by region

Pros explained

Extensive coverage options

Similar to car insurance, AAA RV Insurance offers comprehensive coverage that includes protection for your RV against accidents, collisions, theft and vandalism, as well as liability coverage in case of bodily injury or property damage to others. In addition to these basic coverages, as a AAA member, you get roadside assistance.

Although coverage varies by state, there are two options you can add to your RV insurance policy for an extra fee: personal property protection for items kept in your RV and travel expenses coverage if you need to stay somewhere else while your RV is repaired.

Offers emergency roadside assistance

One of the standout features of AAA is its emergency roadside assistance, a feature that not all insurance companies offer. Whether your RV has a flat tire, mechanical breakdown or empty fuel tank, AAA RV roadside assistance can help, giving you peace of mind during your travels. All AAA memberships include roadside assistance for you and the car you are in. Extending coverage to your RV may be included on some plans in certain states but must be added for an extra cost in other areas.

Membership includes additional benefits

AAA could be a good option for RV owners due to its many travel-related perks. In order to purchase the company’s RV insurance, you must purchase a AAA membership, but it comes with extra benefits that may make it worth it. You can access discounts at hundreds of places, including hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and attractions. In addition, AAA memberships include travel agent services, savings on rental cars, identity theft monitoring, DMV services at local branches and more.

Cons explained

Only available to AAA members

AAA RV insurance is only available to AAA members. While this is an extra yearly cost, you get all of the features of a AAA membership. You can purchase a membership through your local club to access the insurance products and other benefits.

Coverage varies by region

AAA’s RV insurance protection options and prices vary significantly based on your region. For example, in some states, you can extend your roadside coverage to include your RV for an extra cost but it may be included in other states. You can contact your local AAA branch to see what coverage is available in your area.

AAA RV insurance offerings

AAA RV insurance covers a variety of vehicles, from travel trailers to campers. Before you can purchase AAA RV insurance, you’ll need to get a club membership. AAA offers three different membership tiers at varying prices. The levels are called Classic, Plus and Premier.

The Classic level typically doesn't offer RV roadside assistance. At the Plus and Premier tiers, some AAA clubs include RV coverage at no additional cost, while others charge an extra fee to add it. In addition to roadside coverage, you can choose to purchase an RV insurance policy. We’ll explore the membership tiers below, followed by the RV insurance options.

AAA Plus membership

Purchasing a AAA Plus membership may offer you the following types of benefits, but you’ll need to check with your local AAA club to confirm what is offered in your region.

  • Towing services
  • Locksmith service reimbursements
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Battery jumpstart and replacement service
  • TripTik travel planner
  • Identity theft monitoring
  • AAA maps and travel discounts
  • Car repair discounts
  • Lost baggage and trip interruption coverage when traveling
  • Hotel, movie tickets and restaurant discounts
  • DMV, passport photos and notary services at local AAA branches
  • RV and motorcycle service coverage

AAA Premier membership

With the AAA Premier plan, you’ll have the benefits included in a AAA Plus membership and more. AAA Premier generally expands your Plus-level coverage to include more miles for towing and higher reimbursement levels. It may also add extra features like the following:

  • Emergency car rental
  • Home lockout service reimbursement
  • Pet injury coverage
  • Refund for windshield repair
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Travel accident insurance

AAA RV insurance

Once you've enrolled in a Plus or Premier membership, AAA insurance policies are available for you to purchase. Aside from RV insurance, AAA offers auto, home, pet business and life insurance.

AAA typically offers the following RV insurance coverage types:

  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Medical payments

Additional RV insurance options

If you’re using your RV as your primary residence, add-ons for full-timers may include the following options.

  • Personal property coverage: Protects your belongings in case of theft or damage
  • Travel expenses: Provides coverage for accommodations if your RV needs repairs

AAA RV insurance pricing

AAA RV insurance costs can vary based on several factors, including the type of coverage you choose, the make and model of your RV, your driving history and your location. You may also qualify for insurance discounts. Getting a personalized quote from your local AAA club is advisable to determine the exact pricing for your RV insurance.

In addition to your insurance premiums, a yearly AAA club membership costs anywhere from around $40 to $186 or more per year, depending on the coverage level you choose and the prices set in your region. Some clubs include RV coverage in the Plus or Premier level, while others charge more to add RV roadside assistance coverage. For example, in Ohio, you’ll pay an extra $37 per year to add RV roadside coverage to your AAA Plus or Premier membership. In California, a AAA Premier membership includes RV roadside coverage at no additional cost. There may also be a one-time membership enrollment fee of $10 to $15 or more when you purchase a new membership.

AAA RV insurance financial stability

Established in 1902, AAA has a long-standing history. Each AAA club functions as an independent and not-for-profit organization. Furthermore, each club is governed by its own board of directors. To be a part of AAA, every club commits to offering specific standard services, but the exact membership dues and services provided differ from one club to another.

Each AAA club partners with different affiliated insurance providers. CSAA Insurance Group offers insurance products to AAA members in 23 states and Washington, D.C. The company, founded over 100 years ago, is rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best, an independent insurance rating agency. The Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group provides insurance to members in 21 states and is also rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best.

AAA RV insurance accessibility

AAA encompasses 32 independent clubs with more than 1,000 local branches. Visiting the organization's website and entering your zip code will redirect you to the AAA website specific to your region. You'll find membership information and prices specific to your local area there. You can browse your club's site for details about RV insurance availability and find contact details and branch locations.


AAA has clubs and branches across all 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Canada. However, its services and products will vary between states and provinces. Before considering AAA RV insurance, check with your local AAA club to confirm whether it’s offered in your area.

Contact information and user experience

Enter your zip code on AAA’s main website to find the locations of your nearest branches. Every club has its own website with contact information, including phone numbers and online contact forms. There are also physical AAA branch locations you can visit.

You can reach AAA emergency roadside assistance at the following number: 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357).

The AAA mobile app allows users to request roadside assistance, manage insurance policies, check nearby gas prices, access the TripTik travel planner and more.

AAA RV insurance customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important factor to consider when evaluating any insurance provider. We looked at the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Auto Insurance Study to see how various AAA clubs rank for overall customer satisfaction. While some clubs ranked above the average, others fell short.

For example, the Auto Club of Southern California ranks second in California with 844 points out of a 1,000-point scale. In the North Central region, which includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, AAA ranks slightly below the local average of 838 points with 810 out of 1,000 points.

AAA insurance has mixed ratings across customer review platforms, but your experience can vary significantly based on your location. Each AAA club has its own Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, and the ratings and reviews were similar across the clubs we evaluated on the site. For example, AAA Northeast and AAA Nebraska are both BBB-accredited with A+ ratings, and the AAA Ohio Auto Club is BBB-accredited with a B rating.

AAA RV insurance FAQs

Is AAA RV insurance worth it?

Whether AAA RV insurance is worth it depends on your individual needs and preferences. AAA may be a worthwhile investment if you value the added benefits, such as hotel discounts, emergency roadside assistance and travel planning help. However, getting insurance quotes to compare coverage and pricing with other insurance companies is essential to ensure you get the right insurance product for your needs.

What does AAA RV insurance cover?

AAA RV insurance covers various aspects, including liability for bodily injury and property damage to others, collision coverage for damages to your RV, comprehensive coverage for non-collision damages (like theft or fire) and personal belongings coverage. The protection may vary based on your state and the policy you choose. In addition, as a AAA member, you get emergency roadside assistance, towing service and access to thousands of travel-related discounts.

How much is AAA RV coverage?


The availability and price of adding RV coverage to your AAA membership varies by state. You may have the option to extend emergency roadside assistance, towing service and other benefits to your RV. Membership also allows you to purchase AAA RV insurance for liability, collision, comprehensive and personal coverage options, depending on your location.

The cost of AAA RV insurance varies depending on the type of policy, your state of residence, the make and model of your RV, your driving record and more. To get an accurate quote, you can contact your local AAA club.

How we evaluated AAA RV insurance

To conduct this review of AAA RV insurance, we evaluated the following things:

  • Coverage offerings: We examined the levels of AAA RV membership as well as the available RV insurance offerings.
  • Pricing: We assessed the affordability and value of AAA RV membership cost and coverage.
  • Financial stability: We researched AAA's financial strength and longevity to determine its ability to fulfill policyholder claims.
  • Accessibility: We evaluated AAA's availability, contact options and user experience to assess its accessibility and customer support.
  • Customer satisfaction: We considered customer feedback and reviews to gauge overall satisfaction levels with AAA RV insurance.

Summary of Money’s AAA RV insurance review

Considering AAA for RV insurance may be worthwhile for RV owners due to its extensive coverage, added benefits like hotel discounts and reliable emergency roadside service. With different membership levels and coverage options, RV owners can tailor their insurance and AAA membership plans to suit their needs. While the availability of AAA services and products varies depending on location, it has a strong reputation and financial stability.