Emily Gutarra

Staff Writer
Joined March 2023

Emily Gutarra is a Staff Writer at Money Group, where she writes and edits articles on personal finance topics as well as comprehensive company and product reviews. Emily holds a Bachelor’s in English-language Literature from the University of Puerto Rico and is currently completing her Master’s in Translation. After graduating in 2020, she embarked on a journey as an editor and translator.

Her interest in personal finance was heavily influenced by her experience with learning how to handle her own. She awkwardly navigated the complexities of financial matters during her college years due to the lack of preparation she’d received before becoming independent. This experience has shaped both her purpose to provide readers like herself with the information they need and how she does it. She approaches each article and review keeping in mind what she found and still finds helpful when researching these topics.

Prior to joining Money, Emily contributed significantly to content creation for courses at NUC University and all of its academic divisions as part of the institution’s editing team. In this editorial role, she collaborated with experts across a range of academic areas, requiring her to immerse herself in each field. These ranged from business and finance to mortuary sciences, culinary arts, emergency response and more. As an independent translator, Emily leverages her research expertise to provide accurate translations in diverse subject areas.


University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras


Magna Cum Laude (BA)


Apply the "I worked for this" mindset to saving rather than spending.

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