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Published: Aug 24, 2023 11 min read

For plenty of people, a recreational vehicle (RV) isn’t a vacation home-away-from home that’s sufficiently protected under the renter’s car insurance or by the best short-term RV insurance. Rather, their RV is a moving home they own, and that needs the combined protection provided by automotive insurance and homeowners insurance.

Foremost RV Insurance has long been a major player in providing such coverage, although other of our picks for the best RV insurance also do so. This review of the company delves into its offerings to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Foremost’s plans, including how they stack up against competitors on price and customer satisfaction. Read on to learn whether Foremost is the right choice for your RV insurance needs.

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Best RV insurance for full-timers

Specifically designed for RV full-timers, Foremost's plans protect RVs as vehicles, including the provisions of an auto insurance policy. Yet they also add the coverage provided by homeowners insurance, such as protection for personal belongings in the event any are stolen from the RV and for any liability you’d incur if a visitor is injured while in the vehicle.

Foremost RV insurance pros and cons

  • Emergency expenses covered if the RV is damaged or destroyed
  • Pays for transportation of damaged RV to storage, repair shop or home
  • Full-timer coverage for travel trailers and luxury motorcoaches as well as RVs
  • Limited availability in certain jurisdictions
  • Online quotes can be slow

Pros explained

Emergency expenses covered if the RV is damaged or destroyed

Foremost says it will pay for your lodging or the cost to travel home if your RV is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss when the vehicle is more than 50 miles from home.

Pays for transportation of damaged RV to storage, repair shop or home

This coverage eliminates the need to buy a separate towing plan. Foremost says that covered expenses include towing — up to a certain maximum distance — along with jump starts, roadside service, flat tire charges, fuel delivery and locksmith service. The company says you call a toll-free number and they make the arrangements and cover the fees.

Cons explained

Limited availability in certain jurisdictions

Despite being part of the well-known Farmers Insurance Group, Foremost's RV insurance isn't available in all states, and some classes of RVs can't be insured in some states. For example, fifth-wheel insurance isn't available for residents in Hawaii or Washington, D.C., whereas luxury motor coach insurance isn't offered in Hawaii or Massachusetts.

Online quotes not always available, and are slow

Foremost says online quotes aren't available for all states. In those cases, you'll have to call or email to get a quote. The company says it typically responds via email within two to three business days, which is a relatively slow pace.

Foremost RV insurance offerings

To get a clearer picture of what you're signing up for with Foremost or any other provider, it's important to understand what insurance is and how it works. This way, you'll have a better idea of what types and amounts of coverage are best suited to your needs. If you're new to RV life, you might want to consider renting an RV, and do so in the best way. That’s a way of road-testing RV life before you jump into owning one of these vehicles.

Having insured RVs since 1952, Foremost provides an extensive suite of insurance offerings that cover almost any eventuality you might encounter.

Towing and roadside assistance

Many people buy a towing and roadside assistance policy separate from their auto insurance. However, Foremost RV Insurance includes it in its policy. This service includes jump starts, roadside service, flat tire changes, fuel delivery and locksmith service. Plus, it covers your tow vehicle while it's towing a trailer.

Optional total loss settlement

An optional feature that sets Foremost apart from other insurance companies is its Optional Total Loss Settlement coverage. This provision potentially saves you thousands of dollars compared to typical auto policies, which only pay the actual cash value for damages to your RV. With this option, Foremost may provide you with a new, comparable rig if the damages are deemed a total loss.

Vacation liability coverage

Foremost's vacation liability coverage provides liability protection on your site when your RV is parked, regardless of whether you're living in it or vacationing. This protects you should someone hurt themselves in your camping pad and claim you're at fault.

Personal property replacement cost coverage

Foremost's personal property replacement cost coverage is a significant addition to its RV policy. It will cover the replacement cost for any personal items damaged, destroyed or stolen from your RV.

Emergency expenses coverage

In the event that your RV is no longer usable while you're out on the road, the emergency expenses coverage pays for a place to stay or travel home, as long as you are more than 50 miles away.

Other-than-collision coverage

Other-than-collision coverage is another notable inclusion in Foremost's RV insurance policies. This coverage applies to direct, abrupt and accidental losses, including situations like fire, explosion, flood, falling objects, hail, windstorm, collisions with birds or animals, mischief or vandalism, theft and earthquakes. Plus, it covers attached structures such as awnings and satellite dishes as well.

RV insurance discounts

Foremost offers multiple ways to save on your RV insurance premium. If you have another policy — such as home or auto insurance — through any Farmers company, you get a multi-policy discount. Additional discounts are also available if your motorhome is equipped with factory-installed airbag systems or an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Foremost RV Insurance pricing

When considering Foremost RV Insurance, keep in mind that pricing can vary depending on several factors. The type of RV or trailer, its usage and the experience of the driver all play a role in determining insurance costs. A brand-new luxury motorhome will need a different level of coverage than a used pop-up trailer, and the policy will come with a price tag to match. Higher deductibles are a way to lower your premiums. You can get a quote online within a few days or by calling an agent to discuss your particular needs.

Foremost RV Insurance financial stability

As part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, Foremost offers significant financial stability. This assurance is essential when selecting an insurance provider, as it indicates the company's capacity to pay out claims, even in adverse economic conditions. Despite having its own financial responsibility for insurance, Foremost's affiliation with a well-established group like Farmers underscores its reliability and trustworthiness in the insurance market. Foremost Insurance Company also has an A, or excellent, credit rating from AM Best.

Foremost RV Insurance accessibility

Foremost RV Insurance offers broad coverage options across the United States, making it a reliable choice for weekend adventurers and full-time RV dwellers alike. It provides multiple channels for communication, whether you prefer the personal touch of working with agents or the convenience of online policy management.


Foremost RV Insurance provides comprehensive coverage to residents in most U.S. states for travel in the U.S. and Canada. The coverage options encompass most units from Class A, B and C motor homes to luxury motor coaches, plus travel trailers, campers and more.

Contact information

For policy information, call an agent near you. If you have a policy, Foremost has a platform where you can pay online and manage your policies. To file a claim, you can submit it any time either online or by calling 800-527-3907. You can also check a claim's status online.

User experience

Before purchasing a policy, you'll need to talk to an agent, either on the phone or in person. Once you have your policy, you can manage it and review policy documents by setting up your Foremost online account.

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Foremost RV Insurance customer satisfaction

Foremost RV insurance reviews are tough to come by online, making it difficult to say how happy customers are with its services.

Foremost isn't accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), either. At the time of writing, the BBB stated that the company's profile is being updated, so no customer reviews are available.

Foremost RV Insurance FAQs

What is Foremost Insurance?

Foremost Insurance is a specialized insurance company that provides a wide range of insurance policies, including RV insurance. As part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, Foremost Insurance is known for its comprehensive insurance coverage options and financial stability.

Is Foremost Insurance good?

Like any insurance provider, whether Foremost Insurance is a good choice or not can depend on various factors, including individual needs, the specific type of policy and the policyholder's personal circumstances. You'll want to compare Foremost with other RV insurance providers to find out if it is the best fit for you.

Is Foremost Insurance part of Farmers Insurance?

Yes, Foremost Insurance is part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. Each insurer within the group has sole financial responsibility for its own insurance. That said, this affiliation with a well-established group like Farmers enhances Foremost's reliability and financial stability in the insurance market.

Will Foremost Insurance cover my RV refrigerator?

Foremost Insurance's policy can provide coverage for your RV's refrigerator under its personal property replacement cost coverage and other-than-collision coverage. However, specific coverage can depend on the policy's terms and conditions. Hence, policyholders should consult their policy documents or contact a Foremost agent to confirm which appliances and items are covered within their RV.

How we evaluated Foremost RV Insurance

Our methodology focused on a comprehensive evaluation of the following factors, allowing us to provide a balanced and informed review of Foremost RV Insurance.

  • Coverage: A diverse and comprehensive set of coverage options shows the company's understanding of the unique needs of RV owners.
  • Pricing: We looked at the variables that affect the pricing structure of Foremost RV Insurance, including discounts and savings opportunities.
  • Accessibility: We examined how easy it is to get a quote, manage a policy and file a claim with Foremost.
  • Financial stability: An insurance company is only as good as its ability to pay out claims. We evaluated the likelihood that it will remain solvent for a long time to come, based on its track record and parent company ownership.

Summary of Money's Foremost RV Insurance review

Foremost Insurance offers some options that, while not unique, are less than universal among RV insurance providers. Those include comprehensive coverage for vehicles similar to RVs, such as luxury motorcoaches, as well as provisions to tow an RV as needed and to reimburse you for emergency expenses such as hotels after a breakdown.

The company also has the backing of a major insurer, Farmer’s, which helps bolster its stability and reputation.

All that said, information on customer satisfaction with Foremost is more scarce than for some other companies. And not all of what is known suggests a stellar record. For example, the company makes it slower and more difficult to obtain quotes than some competitors, by not offering timely online quotes, at least in some jurisdictions.

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