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Published: Dec 23, 2021 3 min read
Young man happily hugs his dog
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It’s no secret: We love our pets. After being cooped up with our dogs, cats and other pets for the past 20-something months, it appears that bond has only strengthened.

Pet CBD brand Honest Paws recently commissioned a poll of 1,014 pet owners to measure just how far Americans are willing to go for their pets. Among the findings: The vast majority of pet owners are willing to pay for pet therapy should their fur baby need it.

Gen Z, known for breaking down the stigma around mental health, seems to hold their pets’ mental hygiene in particular high regard. Of the members of Gen Z (roughly ages 24 and below) polled, 87% said they would pay for their pet’s therapy if it was needed.

Millennials, who are now ages 25 to 40, weren’t far behind at 84%. And roughly 70% of boomers said they would do the same. Of all pet owners polled, 84% said they would shell out for a pet shrink.

To be clear, the respondents don’t just want to take Fido along to a session with their regular ol’ therapy session. We mean pet therapy for the animal’s well being. (Yes, it’s a thing — most popularly used to help diagnose and treat aggression or separation anxiety. Though it’s pretty tough to get even the best pet insurance providers to pay for it.)

According to the poll, some dedicated pet parents will do whatever it takes, financially speaking, to make sure their pet is adequately cared for. About a third of respondents said “there’s no limit” to what they would pay to save their pet’s life, and 42% said they would pay off their pet’s expenses before their own personal debt.

Some other interesting financial findings:

  • 83% of Americans are willing to take on a second job to afford their pet’s health care.
  • 56% would pay for higher rent for a more pet-friendly home.
  • 38% would accept a pay cut if it meant more time at home with their pets.

And it doesn’t stop there. Americans’ love of pets may exceed their love of each other. More than half of pet owners who responded to the poll said they would end a relationship with someone who didn’t like their pet.

So think twice if you’re planning on laying down any pet-themed ultimatums on your partner, because you’ll probably be the one getting the boot.

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