Published: May 03, 2016 2 min read
Don Emmert—AFP/Getty Images

For Star Wars Day—a.k.a. May the Fourth. as in "May the force be with you"—we've gathered a variety of merchandise and outings that'll be of interest to, well, the kinds of people who look forward to celebrating Star Wars Day.

To start with, retailers like Party City, Walmart, Target, Petco, and Build-A-Bear Workshop are promoting Star Wars Day deals and discounts on toys and collectibles, and many of the items in our list are quite affordable. (FatWallet has compiled a handy list of May the Fourth discounts on Star Wars merchandise.)

On the other hand, some rare memorabilia from the films have prices that are (sorry) out of this world. They're justifiable only if you're swimming in cash—or "imperial credits" or "portions" to borrow lingo from the "Star Wars" sphere—like Harrison Ford or George Lucas.

So in addition to many other money lessons to absorb from "Star Wars," here's another: It is wise to hang onto items that are likely to increase in value.