By Martha C. White
January 27, 2016
Pinterest employees work in the office in San Francisco, April 1, 2015. The San Francisco-based venture capital darling celebrated its fifth birthday in March 2015.
Jeff Chiu—AP

Yeah, California’s got Silicon Valley, but if you’re a tech worker who really wants to make bank, head to Hawaii: The average salary in the Aloha State is nearly $130,000 — more than double the average in the lowest-paying state, according to a new roundup from Business Insider, using data from

In California, which comes in second place, technology professionals make an average of $109,488 a year. That’s not too shabby, but it’s still more than $20,000 below the $129,771 Hawaiian average. (Of course, the cost of living tends to be higher outside of the continental U.S., too.)

The lowest-paying states are concentrated in Appalachia and the West, with a couple New England entrants, as well. Mississippi brings up the rear with an average yearly pay of just under $61,000. Although comparatively low compared to places like Silicon Valley, this is still nearly three times as much as the state’s average per capita income of $20,618.

Coming in just behind Mississippi is West Virginia, with an average of $66,805, followed by (respectively) Montana, Maine and South Dakota.

Here are the 10 States Where Tech Workers Make the Most:

  • Hawaii: $129,771
  • California: $109,488
  • New York: $105,927
  • Delaware: $105,867
  • Maryland: $104,570
  • Washington: $103,750
  • Massachusetts: $103,373
  • New Jersey: $102,980
  • Alaska: $102,001
  • District of Columbia: $101,649

And here are the 10 States Where Tech Workers Earn the Least:

  • Mississippi: $60,381
  • West Virginia: $66,805
  • Montana: $67,046
  • Maine: $67,715
  • South Dakota: $69,922
  • Wyoming: $71,236
  • Kentucky: $74,535
  • Arkansas: $77,553
  • Vermont: $77,758
  • Louisiana: $77,582


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