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By Katie Meyer
May 6, 2016

To mark the release of Captain America: Civil War, Money took a look at how much it costs to be Captain America. The iconic shield is the most expensive thing Steve Rogers owns. The metal, vibranium (fictional, of course), is pricey. It costs $10,000 a gram. Since the shield weighs 12 pounds, that means the overall total comes to $54 million. Good thing it’s indestructible.

But let’s not forget the procedure Steve Rogers had to undergo to become Captain America. It’s estimated that Project Rebirth cost $516,000. That’s including Howard Stark’s salary to build the machine the army used.

Captain America has three suits because even superheroes have to take their clothes to the dry cleaners. All told, to look like Captain America, you’ll need to drop about $4,000. The Harley-Davidson that Steve Rogers favors costs about $7,500.


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