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Although Amazon built its reputation on competitive (sometimes ruthless) pricing, the e-commerce behemoth does like to outdo itself. We told you about the funny, quirky and useful items you can unearth in Amazon’s Bargain Finds section, and we'll of course be covering all of the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019, which begins on Monday, July 15.

But it's recently come to attention that Amazon has yet another spot on its website for people who just love to discover things they never knew they needed at rock-bottom prices.

Think of Amazon Outlet as Amazon’s answer to sites like and that feature lots of deeply discounted stuff to sell. The merchandise offered at Amazon Outlet is pretty random, but the prices are enough to give this section of the Amazon-iverse a peruse every now and then, especially because many of the items come with free Prime two- or even one-day shipping. Although rare, sometimes real-deal name brand products pop up, so it pays to keep an eye out. And since these goods are overstock inventory, when a batch is gone, it’s gone. If you see something you want, jump on it.

We took a spin through the different landing pages of Amazon Outlet (which include categories like Overstock Deals and Under $10) to find the best deals on everything from Instant Pot accessories to Xbox One gear. The usual disclaimers apply: These prices are only good as long as the product is in stock, and all prices are accurate as of time of publication.


Eight-Piece Instant Pot Accessory Kit: $13.83

Courtesy of Amazon

Instant Pot users LOVE how the versatile multi-cooker can make cranking out a batch of ribs or perfectly done rice a piece of cake, and there are countless accessory kits to help cooks make the device even more useful. This set of eight Instant Pot accessories includes a steamer basket with a three-way divider, springform pan, egg rack, silicone egg mold, whisk, bowl clip, and pair of silicone oven mitts.

One of our big gripes about Instant Pot accessory kits is the way they’re frequently marketed: Manufacturers know people usually search by item count to get more bang for their buck, so many resort to sneaky tricks like counting the bottom and removable collar of a springform pan as two pieces, even though, for all practical purposes, buyers are likely to think of “springform pan” as one thing; some will even resort to including a row of cheap stickers for users to put on their recipe cards and counting each sticker as an individual item. This kit gets major props for avoiding those sneaky maneuvers — and for featuring a dirt cheap price (most other kits are over $20).

Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Pack: $14.99

Courtesy of Amazon

This pair of 2200mAh rechargeable Xbox One batteries costs just $15, but it has more than 100 glowing reviews. Buyers say the batteries hold a charge for a long time and praise the combination of a low price and quality product. The word “great” comes up in a lot of reviews, and many buyers say they're happy with the battery performance for the price.


3-Pack of Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps: $6.73


Courtesy of Amazon

People who try to avoid generating kitchen and food waste recommend using reusable beeswax food wrappers instead of waxed paper or plastic wrap. With a price point below $7, this pack is less than half the price of other ones we've seen, and these food wraps still come in with an impressive 4.1-star rating from Amazon users. Reviewers write that they've been pleasantly surprised by the quality, and that the wraps do a good job keeping food fresh.


Twin Pack SB Sox Ultralite Compression Socks: $7.67+

Courtesy of Amazon

Take it from a runner: A two-pack of even mediocre compression socks for less than eight bucks is a HUGE deal, and this brand turns out socks that have garnered more than 400 five-star reviews.

Users say they’re great for running, but you don’t have to be a runner to make use of these socks. They’re also popular socks for walking, cycling and just being on your feet all day. Many of the reviews convey the same sentiment as this one satisfied customer, who says, “As soon as I submit this review, I am going to order 6 more pair.”


Set of 8 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws: $6.29

Courtesy of Amazon

Several big hotel and restaurant brands have pledged to stop giving out single-use plastic straws with beverages. You too can do your part cutting down on plastic straws by buying reusable straws to use at home and everywhere else.

We previously explained what to look for in a disposable straw, and this set of eight reusable straws gets top marks not only for its low price (averaging out to less than $1 each) but also for coming in with nearly every must-have. Stainless steel straws don’t retain odors or turn funny colors; the fact that they can conduct extreme hot or cold is mitigated by silicone collars (which, since they’re color-coded, also help you keep track of whose drink is whose). You get four straight and four bent straws, which covers you for most types and sizes of drinking glasses. And lastly, you also get a pair of cleaning brushes included with your order.


7-In-1 Airpods Case Accessory Kit: $5.59

Courtesy of Amazon

This handy kit takes your plain Airpods case to the next level. It includes a protective silicone case, two silicone straps if you want to convert your Airpods to wired earbuds, a pair of ear hooks to hold them in place, plus a little zippered carrying case and a keychain clip to attach to your keys or handbag. Still not sold? You get a choice of 10 colors, and Amazon buyers rate this set an impressive 4.4 stars — not bad at all for under $6.

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