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Published: May 18, 2023 12 min read
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Are you having difficulty making your auto loan payments? Are you concerned that you’ll wind up defaulting on your loan? One option you may have under these circumstances is to refinance your auto loan.

Auto Credit Express may be able to help, even if your credit is less than perfect. In this guide, we'll give you an overview of Auto Credit Express so you can decide whether it's the right choice for your auto loan refinancing needs.

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Best for bad credit auto loans

Auto Credit Express’ network is comprised of lenders and car dealers who have less stringent credit requirements for auto loans and refinancing approvals than typical lenders. To take out a loan with this company, most lenders accept low scores, and some don't even require credit scores or history — as long as you can prove a minimum monthly income of around $1,500.

Auto loan refinancing requirements may be a little more strict than auto purchase requirements with Auto Credit Express. Lenders want to see that you've made efforts to build your credit since taking out a loan. But getting approved for a loan is still easier than it is with traditional lenders. The minimum credit score that most refinancing lenders require is 550.

Auto Credit Express auto refinance pros and cons

  • Works with people with low credit scores
  • Cosigners are allowed on the application
  • Plenty of educational resources about auto lending available
  • Offers special military rates
  • Borrowers are limited to the Auto Credit Express network of lenders
  • Applying may result in multiple calls and emails from lenders

Pros explained

Works with low credit scores

With most lenders and auto refinance companies, you'll have a difficult time refinancing your auto loan if you have bad credit. However, by going through Auto Credit Express's network, your refinance application may still be approved even with a lower credit score.

There are some things that lenders will take into account. For starters, you need to show that you’ve been making payments on your existing car loan balance on time and in full for the past 18 to 36 months, even if you’ve fallen behind on other payments. You also need to show that you’re not someone with habitual bad credit — instead, you'll want to show that your bad credit is situational and improving.

There are a few other factors that Auto Express Credit lenders will review before you can qualify for a loan, such as your employment history, total debt and monthly income.

Cosigners are allowed on the application

Auto Credit Express allows you to have a cosigner on your refinancing application. This gives you a better chance of being approved, especially if your cosigner’s credit score is higher than yours. Auto Credit Express lenders may also take your cosigner’s income into account to satisfy the income requirements of the loan.

Plenty of educational resources about auto lending available

The Auto Credit Express website is chock-full of information you can utilize to learn more about refinancing, leasing and other auto financing options. Its blog has a wealth of information on things like how auto loans work and how to get preapproved for a car loan. The site also has a car loan estimator, a payment calculator and a list of bad credit car dealers.

Offers special military rates

Through Auto Credit Express, military personnel and veterans can also get some of the best car loan rates. These loans may include lower interest rates, longer loan terms, more flexible payment options and lower down payments. In some cases, the company can help negotiate special discounts for military personnel as well as cash-back rebates.

Cons explained

Borrowers are limited to the Auto Credit Express network of dealers

Auto Credit Express does not offer direct financing. Instead, you'll borrow or refinance through its network of lenders and dealers. This also means that Auto Credit Express will not approach lending companies or auto dealerships that it's not already affiliated with.

Applying may result in multiple calls and emails from lenders

Since an Auto Credit Express refinance application process gives the company authority to share your contact information with any of the lenders in its network, you may be inundated with emails and calls after applying.

Auto Credit Express loan options

Auto Credit Express offers potential borrowers a number of loan options, which we explain in detail below.

Auto purchase loans

If you’re looking to buy a car, Auto Credit Express can help you find the right dealership and lender to get an auto purchase loan, even if you have a low credit score. Some lenders may not require a credit score at all.

Auto refinance loans

If you have a hard time finding a lender who will refinance your auto loan because of a low credit score, Auto Credit Express may provide another option to help you keep your vehicle.

While Auto Credit Express lenders tend to be less stringent than average, standards are slightly higher for refinancing than for purchase loans. Auto refinancing lenders in this network usually require at least a credit score of 550.

Auto lease buyout loans

Auto leasing loans through Auto Credit Express can help you lease a vehicle no matter what your credit score may be. The company has connections with sub-prime lenders who accept credit scores as low as 500.

If you want to eventually own your leased ride, you can also opt for a lease-to-own option, which helps reduce the purchase price of the car you’re leasing after a few years. This is because you can use part of the money you pay toward your lease to make payments on the vehicle, reducing the purchase amount considerably over time.

Auto Credit Express auto refinance pricing

How much you pay monthly for your auto refinancing is dependent on which lender funds your loan and what rate you accept. You will pay interest and a portion of your loan principal each month.

To figure out how much you will potentially be paying each month, you must factor in the total loan amount, APR, terms, down payment amount and the price of the car. Once you have all these details, you can find out how much your monthly payment is by using the payment calculator on Auto Credit Express's website.

Auto Credit Express financial stability

Since Auto Credit Express is a loan matching service and not a lender, it isn’t rated by the organizations that typically evaluate companies for financial stability. Before agreeing to a loan, it’s a good idea to check the financial stability of the individual lenders you're matched with to ensure their ability to weather ups and downs in the economy.

Auto Credit Express accessibility


Auto Credit Express is connected with over 800 dealerships across all 50 states and in some regions of Canada. To find a refinance lender near you, enter your zip code on the Auto Credit Express's dealership page on its website.

Contact information

You can reach Auto Credit Express via one of the following options:

  • Use the online contact form on the company's website
  • Phone: 1-866-902-4403
  • Mail: 3252 University Drive, Suite 250, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326

User experience

According to online reviews, users find the Auto Credit Express website easy to navigate. Additionally, many customers say that loan and refinancing applications are straightforward, and checking for eligibility is a simple process with clear instructions.

To apply for an Auto Credit Express refinance loan or vehicle loan, you can fill out the loan request form on the site. You will provide personal information, such as your Social Security number, address, employment status and housing payment amounts. For those who have already applied for a loan, you can get information on your loan request via the loan status page.

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Auto Credit Express customer satisfaction

Auto Credit Express is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and earns an A+ rating from the organization. Positive reviews remark on the service's ease of use and support of borrowers with bad credit. Some negative reviews note that they were quoted higher interest rates than expected. There are also complaints about lots of calls from lenders and hard credit inquiries.

Auto Credit Express auto refinance FAQ

Is Auto Credit Express legitimate?

Yes, Auto Credit Express is legitimate. It has been around since 1999 and is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating.

How does Auto Credit Express work?

To find out if you're eligible for a loan and to help you find a lender who will work with you on your Auto Credit Express refinance, simply click the "Start Here" button on the site and fill out the loan request form. The information you provide the company will then be shared with dealers and lenders that may be interested in helping you buy or refinance your car.

Does Auto Credit Express do a hard pull on your credit?

Auto Credit Express doesn't do a hard pull on your credit report, but one or more lenders who are interested in your case may do so with your consent. This can lead to the lowering of your credit scores, albeit temporarily, which may also impact your borrowing capabilities.

Will Auto Credit Express share my personal information?

Yes, the company will share pertinent information with its partners so that it can find a lender or dealer that is willing to work with you.

How we evaluated Auto Credit Express auto refinance

To come up with this evaluation of Auto Credit Express refinance, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Availability: We looked into the availability of loans across the United States and Canada. We found that Auto Credit Express is connected with over 800 dealerships across all 50 states and in some regions of Canada.
  • Offerings: After examining its services, we found that Auto Credit Express helps connect borrowers with poor credit to an abundance of lenders and dealerships that may be willing to help them with a loan.
  • Customer experience: We analyzed customer reviews to determine users' satisfaction with the company's services and found that it is rated highly by customers.
  • Third-party reviews and ratings: We considered the ratings and reviews of Auto Credit Express from third-party review sites such as BBB and Trustpilot. These reviews were mostly positive and highlighted the company's customer service.
  • Ease of use: We took into account the ease of using Auto Credit Express's website, loan request form and loan status page. All of these are easily accessible and simple to use.

Summary of Money's Auto Credit Express auto refinance review

While Auto Credit Express isn’t a lending institution — it connects you with refinancing lenders who may approve your application even if you don’t have a good credit score. However, because there are so many lenders in the Auto Credit Express network, it's possible that you'll receive quotes with high-interest rates and unfavorable terms.

Note that there are some conditions that you must meet before qualifying for a refinancing loan. Be sure to pay attention to what each lender's requirements and terms are once you're connected with them.

Also worth noting is the wealth of resources you can find on Auto Credit Express's website. Aside from learning how to buy a car, you can also look up information on the best car insurance companies in the country and learn how to fix your credit. The company offers useful links, as well, that help you access your credit score and reports.

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