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Published: Dec 12, 2022 22 min read
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Managing multiple rental properties can become cumbersome, particularly as different property types and locations are regulated by different rules, laws, codes and ordinances. A property management company can take care of building upkeep and tenant occupancy, thereby maintaining your good reputation and profitability as a landlord.

If you decide that outsourcing your property management is best, bear in mind that not all property management firms are created equal. We’ve curated a list of the top property management companies in the U.S. today to help you compare options.

Our Top Picks for Property Management Companies

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Best Property Management Companies Reviews

We looked at cost structures, customer service metrics, features, location and availability to find the best property management companies to work with. Here’s our list below.

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Offices in the U.S., Europe and Latin America
  • First in the 2022 National Multifamily Housing Council's Top 50 Apartment Managers list, for three years running
  • Online portal helps keep you informed
  • Some tenant reviews suggest unreasonable fees charged at the end of leases
  • Some tenant reviews suggest long waits for repairs
  • Low customer review rating on Better Business Bureau (most reviews are from tenants, and there are no complaints from real estate investors)

Greystar is our best overall pick for rental property management companies. Whether you’re renting single-family housing, apartments or even commercial real estate, Greystar has you covered. Founded in 1993, the company has been providing high-quality services and exceptional customer service to match for nearly three decades.

The company offers reasonable pricing and services that span the entire U.S. as well as Europe and some Latin American countries.

Aside from property management, Greystar is one of the largest apartment building operators in the world. The company also provides reasonably priced investment management solutions.

  • Abundant positive reviews from investors and property owners
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Nationwide company with a 50+-year track record
  • Several negative reviews from tenants
  • No information is available on pricing
  • Some tenant complaints suggest lacking maintenance

When it comes to nationwide property management companies that offer exceptional customer support for their property owners, Lincoln Property Company takes the cake. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and several positive reviews on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Lincoln Property Company doesn’t share any pricing information online, but after a quick call, we were able to determine that the company’s pricing is about average for the services it offers.

Moreover, the company is happy to help you manage all of your investments, whether they are investments in real estate, stocks or even cryptocurrency, making it a one-stop shop for the busy investor with a diversified portfolio.

  • A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau without paying to be accredited
  • Services are available in more than 60 countries
  • Quality management tools make it easy to keep tabs on your real estate investments
  • Some complaints suggest the company takes too long to pay its service providers
  • Teams tend to provide the best services to those who own high-value properties

Cushman & Wakefield is a massive real estate investment management firm with offices in more than 60 countries around the world. The company has been in business for more than 26 years and has only received three complaints, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Aside from traditional property management services, Cushman & Wakefield goes above and beyond in a few ways:

  • Customer care. The company’s customer care team is one of the best in the world, earning a perfect score in the 2022 Global Outsourcing 100's "Customer Reference" category.
  • Management tools. Cushman & Wakefield's management tools make it easy to keep track of your investments.
  • Availability. The company’s services are available in more than 60 countries.
  • Finding investments. Unlike other property management firms, Cushman & Wakefield will help you find the best real estate investments for your portfolio.

There are a few drawbacks to consider. The negative reviews about the company are all from service providers like plumbers and electricians who talk about getting the runaround when it’s time for them to be paid. The company is also most in-tune with high-value investors.

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Specializing in residential real estate
  • Quality customer support
  • Poor Better Business Bureau reviews from tenants
  • Reviews suggest tenants are charged too much upon ending their leases
  • Reviews suggest a lack of quality maintenance

If you’re renting single-family homes or any other form of residential real estate, BH Management Services is the way to go. The company owns a network of apartment buildings and has been providing property management services for well over two decades.

BH Management Services’ specialty in residential real estate makes the company the perfect option if you have a network of homes or apartments to rent out. Moreover, the pricing is reasonable, so you won’t have to give up too much of your returns.

The company isn’t perfect, though. According to several reviews, maintenance takes longer than it should, and tenants may be unhappy with the fees they’re charged throughout and at the ends of their leases.

  • Specializing in commercial property management
  • Quality research tools to help you make real estate investments
  • Successfully relocates client facilities when needed
  • Some property owners have complained about a lack of note-taking, requiring more time for customer support than necessary
  • On the higher end of the pricing spectrum
  • Some service providers have written complaints about delayed payments

CBRE is one of the largest and longest-lived commercial property management companies in the U.S. The company has been around since the early 1900s and has made a science out of managing properties like office buildings, retail strip malls and manufacturing warehouses.

As a commercial property management company with more than a century of experience serving its community, CBRE's fees are slightly higher than those of discount competitors, but the added expense is worth the service.

The company provides quality research tools that help you make real estate investments with accurate expectations. Moreover, if something happens and your client needs to be relocated, the company takes care of the entire process.

There are a few disadvantages to consider. Some service providers have complained about waiting over 90 days for payment. Moreover, some customers have written complaints about having to re-explain who they are and what they’re trying to do every time they talk to a new customer service representative, suggesting the company lacks customer relationship management skills.

  • Services available in 63 countries
  • Quality customer service
  • Track your investments in real time from anywhere in the world
  • Complaints suggest a lack of security
  • Some tenants experienced maintenance bills that they believed were too high
  • Some property owners have written complaints about real estate being empty for too long

Collier International is one of the best options if you’re looking for international property management companies. The company operates in 63 countries and has tools that make it easy to track the performance of your real estate investments from anywhere in the world.

There are also plenty of reviews that point to a quality customer service team that stays on top of issues until they’re resolved. Not to mention, the company offers pricing on the low end of the spectrum for international services.

Like all property management companies, Collier International isn’t perfect. There are a few complaints online relating to a lack of security at the company’s properties, high maintenance bills and some properties standing unoccupied for multiple years.

  • Core focus on sustainability
  • Quality customer support team
  • Active members of the community
  • Slightly higher prices than discount options
  • Tenants have complained about long wait times for maintenance

WinnCompanies is a top choice if you want to work with a national property management company that cares about sustainability and community. The company is constantly engaging with its community through charitable contributions and volunteer activities to create programs to serve underserved populations.

The company is also on the leading edge of sustainable development, taking part in clean energy initiatives across the country.

However, if you’re looking for a budget option, this may not be the best property management company for you. Their prices are typically slightly higher than discount property management firms.

It’s also worth mentioning that some tenants have complained about long wait times for maintenance to systems like HVAC and garbage disposals.

  • Vacasa knows the vacation industry inside and out
  • Earn an average of 20% more per year
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Some property owners suggest service for renters is poor
  • Long maintenance wait times
  • Some tenants have been dissatisfied with the quality of rentals

Most property management businesses focus on getting tenants in for the long haul, but Vacasa is different. The company is a vacation property management firm that lets you rent your property at higher per-night prices.

The company uses data-driven marketing to fill vacation properties as much as possible. On its website, it suggests that this leads to 20% more revenue per year than you would earn with the average competitor.

The pricing for services is reasonable, and property owner customer support is top-notch. However, there have been some complaints that support for renters is poor. Some tenant reviews suggest that cleaning and maintenance services could be better.

  • Low-cost property management
  • DIY property management software solution
  • Easy to scale as your real estate portfolio grows
  • Some property owners suggest the company doesn't fight back when tenants fraudulently dispute rental charges
  • No refunds
  • Some reviews suggest a poor customer service experience

Buildium isn’t like any of the property management firms above. That’s because the company doesn’t handle hands-on property management. Instead, it’s a software solution designed to make your job easier as you manage your real estate portfolio.

The software offers tools for billing and gives you the ability to check in on your investments at any time from anywhere in the world. It’s also the lowest-cost solution you’ll find for simplifying the property management process.

The software solution is perfect whether you have a single home you rent out or a network of homes and office buildings, and it’s easy to scale as your portfolio grows.

Unfortunately, some property owners have experienced fraudulent chargebacks on rental payments and suggest the company doesn’t do much to fight back. There are also negative reviews surrounding the company’s unwillingness to issue refunds and potentially poor customer service.

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Other property management companies we considered

No property management company is perfect. If none of the companies listed above fit the bill for you, consider the following worthy mentions:

Equity Residential

  • Low-cost property management solutions
  • Quality customer service for property owners
  • A focus on residential properties
  • Long rental application process
  • Poor customer service for tenants
  • Long maintenance wait times

Equity Residential is a residential property management firm that also owns its own network of apartments across the U.S. Services are relatively inexpensive, and a focus on residential properties makes this solution ideal if residential real estate makes up most of your portfolio.

Asset Living

  • Low-cost services
  • Nationwide property management solutions
  • 36 years of industry experience
  • Some property owners say the company fails to communicate once they rent real estate
  • Some tenants have written negative reviews about property maintenance
  • F rating at the Better Business Bureau

Asset Living has been providing quality property management solutions for more than 36 years. Its services are low-cost, but there’s a tradeoff. Some property owners have complained that once a tenant is in the property, they have difficulty getting in touch with the company.


  • A focus on luxury apartment communities
  • Complete end-to-end property management
  • Quality customer support
  • Some tenants are unhappy with the rate at which rental prices increase
  • Tenant complaints suggest they lost money due to damages as a result of improper maintenance
  • Lacking security

If you have a luxury apartment you’d like managed, Bozzuto may be the way to go. The company offers complete end-to-end management and quality customer support, though some tenants have been unhappy with maintenance, price increases and a lack of on-site security.

Property Management Guide

Understanding what property management is and choosing the best firm to work with can be difficult if you’ve never gone through the process in the past. Although a quality company will make your life easier, choosing the wrong company can lead to quite a few headaches. Here’s what you need to know:

What is property management?

Property management includes any and all management activities having to do with real property. Quality property managers help you find tenants to rent your investment properties, keep up with general maintenance, handle billing and customer service and much more.

In exchange, property management companies charge a fee for their services. Because these are private companies that can set their own pricing and design their own services, it’s important to compare your options to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

How does property management work?

The process of finding and using a property management company is relatively simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Compare your options. Start by comparing your options to determine which companies provide the services you need at prices you can afford.
  2. Sign the agreement. Sign an agreement with the management firm to hand over the management activities and agree to terms and fees.
  3. Relax and collect your return. If you choose a quality property management company, they will handle the rest. They'll find tenants, handle maintenance and collect rent. You’ll get a check in the mail for your profits and have the time you need to do other things.

What does a property management company do?

Property management companies handle several processes for property owners, which are detailed below.

Screen prospective tenants

The first job of a property management firm is to screen potential tenants. This includes accepting applications, verifying income, calling references and running background checks on all potential tenants that apply.

Once the process is complete, the property management company chooses the tenant they believe is the best fit to rent your property based on various criteria.

Manage tenant relationships

One of the most important aspects of property management is managing the resident experience. You want to make sure that when your tenants have questions, there’s someone available to answer them, and when maintenance requests are submitted, they’re handled in a timely fashion.

Property management companies maintain relationships with your tenants to handle all of the above. They may even go above and beyond and check on your tenants from time to time to make sure they’re happy with their rentals.

Ensure regulation compliance

If you’re going to rent a piece of real property to tenants, it’s important that the property meets all regulatory requirements. If not, you could face legal headaches, including:

  • Tenant’s legal refusal to pay rent
  • Inability to collect past-duereal-time rent
  • Fines from regulatory agencies

The good news is that property management firms make sure you don’t have to deal with those headaches by staying in tune with the regulatory environment and making sure your property meets all requirements.

Carry out property maintenance

Maintenance tasks can become cumbersome, especially if you have multiple properties in your investment portfolio. Simple things like leaking water faucets or even lawn care can become too much to handle on your own.

If you hire a quality property management firm, you won’t have to. These companies handle all property maintenance, typically hiring contractors to keep your investments in tip-top shape.

Perform regular inspections

Property inspections are a must if you’re renting real estate to tenants. We like to think that all tenants will take care of your property as if it was their own, but that’s not always the case.

If you catch a tenant who’s not taking care of your property early, you can limit damages, mitigating significant risk. On the other hand, if this activity goes on too long, it can become costly.

Property managers drop in on tenants from time to time to make sure they’re doing their part to keep your property in good working order.

Oversee important renovations

When it’s time to upgrade your property, you won’t have to go at it alone. Quality property management firms help you hire the contractors you need and oversee the entire renovation process so you don’t have to.

Mitigate potential liability

When you rent a piece of real estate, you accept at least some liability. For example, if an electrical system fails and your tenant’s property was destroyed in a fire, you may be liable for damages.

Property management company insurance, and its work to keep your property maintained, helps mitigate these risks.

How To Choose a Property Management Company

Property management companies are their own entities and are free to choose which services to provide and at what cost. It’s important to choose your firm wisely because the quality of service and the price you pay for that service can have a meaningful impact on your real estate portfolio’s profitability.

So, how do you choose the best property management company to work with? Consider the tips below.


One of the most commonly asked questions about the property management process is “How much do property management companies charge?” The truth is that the cost of property management varies wildly from one provider to another.

Before you shop for providers, it’s important to consider your budget. Think about the amount of revenue you generate from your properties and the percentage of revenue you’re willing to hand over to your property management company as a service fee.

Once you have a budget in mind, it becomes far easier to compare your options.

Total properties

The number of properties you have will also play a role in your decision. Some small, low-cost property management firms are a strong option if you only have one or two properties you expect them to manage and your properties are all in the same area.

However, if you have several properties spread across multiple counties or states, you’re probably going to be better off working with a firm that provides nationwide services. Although larger firms may cost more, they typically provide higher-quality services.

Types of properties

The type of properties you have also plays a role in the management firm you work with. After all, the process of managing a commercial property is different from the process of managing a vacation rental or residential property.

Consider the types of properties in your portfolio and choose a management firm that specializes in working with the types of properties you own.

Property management fees

Every property management company is going to charge fees. Those fees typically vary based on:

  • The management company
  • The property size
  • The property location
  • The rental value of the property
  • The services provided

Compare the fees each option expects you to pay and weigh them against the services the companies provide. This will help you make sure you get the most for your money.

Property owner involvement

Some property management firms require some owner involvement, while others allow you to take a completely hands-off approach to real estate investing. Think about how much you want to be involved in the management of your properties, and choose a firm that meets your needs.

Best Property Management Companies FAQ

How much does property management cost?

Fees vary wildly from one provider to another and from one property to another, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, most quality property management firms charge between 8% and 12% of the amount of rent you collect. That means if you rent your property for $2,000 per month, management fees will be between $160 and $240 per month.

How do you file a complaint against a property management company?

Property managers must follow legal requirements in order to keep their property management license or real estate certification. So, when you file a complaint, it's a serious action. Nonetheless, you can file complaints with the Department of Housing and Urban Development or with the Better Business Bureau.

How do you find a property management company?

There are thousands of property management companies in the U.S., and finding them is as simple as a Google search. However, there's a difference between finding just any company and finding the best companies to work with.

If you're on the hunt for a quality property management firm, consider the companies on this list. We've carefully vetted and researched them, and we stand behind the fact that they're some of the best in the U.S.

How We Chose the Best Property Management Companies

We looked at several factors when we compared the best property management companies. Some of the most important factors are detailed below.

Prices and offerings

Most property management companies have a unique set of offerings and a unique pricing structure attached to each service they perform. Nonetheless, all quality property management firms offer services like tenant management, maintenance, rent collection and more.

We looked for firms that were at the low end of or below the average price of between 8% and 12% of the rent collected and that offered all the services you would expect from a property management firm. Those who offered services above and beyond what you would expect earned a few extra points.

Customer service

Customer service is crucial when you hire someone else to manage your investments, whether those investments are in real property, stocks and bonds or any other asset. We contacted each of the firms mentioned above and tested their customer service skills.

Although some companies have online complaints related to customer support, we had a positive experience when we spoke to the staff at each of the companies on our list.

Location and availability

There are thousands of property management companies to choose from, but the vast majority of them only serve a pretty small coverage area, typically only a few counties wide. When we looked for the best companies to work with, we looked for companies with a national or multinational footprint.

That means that, regardless of where your real property is, the companies mentioned on this list are likely willing to manage it for you.

Moreover, some property management companies grow so fast that they simply don’t have the availability to accept new customers. We made sure that every one of the firms mentioned on this list has open availability.


Most smaller property management companies offer the same features. They find tenants for you, screen and place those tenants, collect rent and handle maintenance requests. However, some larger firms come with added features.

For example, some of the companies on this list offer an investment management platform that lets you track the performance of your real estate investments in real-time from anywhere in the world. Others may help you make new real estate investments or go above and beyond to ensure the sustainability of your properties.

Summary of Best Property Management Companies

As a recap, the top property management companies across the country and around the world are as follows:


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