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Published: Jul 28, 2023 12 min read

New job posting sites pop up fairly regularly — especially for creatives. Some stay, and some go, but Dribbble is here to stay.

Dribbble is considered by many to be one of the best job search sites for creatives, and it is indeed a great resource for employers who want to know how to find employees.

Dribbble sees a lot of traffic — over 16 million visitors per month. Not only is it an online job board, but it's also a social networking platform where artists and designers can share their ideas for inspiration and collaboration opportunities.

With all this in mind, let’s take a deeper look. In this review, we’ll go over Dribbble’s job search offerings, pros and cons, and more.

Best for designers and creative candidates

Some of the most prominent job posting sites like Fiverr, Upwork and even LinkedIn are staples in the job-hunt world, and many freelance designers and creatives find work thanks to them. However, these websites all share one major shortcoming — their portfolio options.

Creatives know how important branding and visual appeal are when showcasing their best work. With most job sites, the options for displaying one’s work are limited to simple uploads that don’t entice views. Dribbble’s job posting site, however, directly appeals to those who prioritize aesthetics by offering cleanly organized, customizable and attractive portfolios that display a designer’s unique vision and capabilities.

Additionally, Dribbble works like a social networking site where designers can gain followers and interact with potential collaborators’ and companies’ design pages.

Dribbble pros and cons

  • Works with big names
  • Highly sophisticated search filter
  • Great for design and creative pros
  • Only niche job boards
  • Limited customer support

Pros explained

Has a reputation for working with big-name companies

Big companies like Amazon, Google, Twitch and more have company profiles on Dribbble. Dribbble has also worked with companies like Apple, Airbnb and Slack. While not all these companies have job postings on Dribbble at every given moment, they maintain their profiles and come back to post jobs when they need creative support.

Can filter by salary range, keywords, locations and more

Dribbble’s advanced search filters help save time by finding projects that fit your exact parameters. For jobs, you can filter by full-time or freelance jobs in the categories of:

  • Animation
  • Brand/Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Leadership
  • Mobile Design
  • UI/Visual Design
  • Product Design
  • UX Design/Research
  • Web Design

You can also filter by job location and search for jobs that offer remote-friendly opportunities. For freelance jobs, a budget filter lets you choose jobs based on how much the employer will pay, ranging from $50 to $50K+.

With freelancers spending hours every week looking for gigs, and full-time job seekers dedicating months to finding work, filters that help trim the fat off of job boards can save you a lot of time and energy.

Great for design jobs and creative professionals

Though it may sound cliché, Dribbble was built by creative professionals, for creative professionals. Dribbble’s CEO, Zack Onisko, began his career as a freelance designer. Building on these creative roots, Dribbble has cultivated a community where you can not only job-hunt but also showcase your work and interact with other professionals.

It’s a one-stop shop for creatives looking for a place that’s built around their professional interests. According to reviews on trusted third-party platforms, many users spend their time on the site browsing colleagues’ profiles to keep abreast of emerging trends and stay inspired while working.

Another reason that Dribbble is great for creative professionals is that it offers a level of exclusivity. While a lot of sites will allow anyone to call themselves a designer and start offering rock-bottom quotes to gain clients, prospective Dribbble designers have to prove their previous experience and show work they’ve done before officially being approved.

Cons explained

Limited customer support

If you’re in search of information about how to navigate Dribbble’s site or if you’re having problems with your account, there aren’t a lot of options for you to seek help. While there are plenty of community support articles to help you manually troubleshoot any issues, it’s difficult to connect with a human for customer support.

If you navigate to the bottom of the page, you’ll find “Support” under the “Company” section. From there, you’ll be directed to a series of categories that will redirect you to brief explanations that may help you with your problem. If not, you have the option to fill out an email survey, explain your issue and wait for a response.

Niche job boards only

For all its qualities and features, Dribbble remains a fairly narrow niche site. That’s a benefit if you’re looking for jobs squarely in some type of design, but it doesn’t offer opportunities in other creative fields.

Dribbble job posting site plans and offerings

When you start your Dribbble portfolio, you will have a free account.

With a free account, you can explore designer portfolios, post your work and search available full-time positions that companies have posted. However, you can’t be found in searches and your own search functionalities are limited compared to the paid plans.

Once you’ve posted your work and been approved, you can upgrade to a free designer account, or you can purchase a Pro or Pro Business membership to unlock additional features.

Dribbble Pro plan

Dribbble Pro offers:

  • Extra portfolio functionality in the form of a site that automatically updates whenever you add projects to your Dribbble account
  • Enhanced profile features
  • Multi-shot shots and video shots
  • Showcase placement
  • A daily job alert email
  • The opportunity to sell goods through the platform

Dribbble Pro Business plan

Dribbble Pro Business offers everything in the Pro plan plus the following benefits:

  • Freelance leads emailed to you every day
  • An exclusive freelancer job board with hundreds of projects posted daily
  • A “Hire Me” or “Hire Us” button on your shots that allows clients to immediately contact you for work
  • A personalized pitch video on your profile, which Dribbble claims will make you twice as likely to get messages from potential clients
  • Priority placement in search listings
  • Calendly integration that allows you to organize your workflow and help you track and meet project deadlines

Dribbble pricing

Accessing Dribbble Pro costs $15 per month and is paid annually. However, Dribbble offers a free 14-day trial so you can make sure it works for you before committing to a subscription. Dribbble Pro Business is designed for agencies and teams. It costs $15 per month when paid annually and $20 per month when billed monthly.

Dribbble financial stability

Dribbble is not officially rated by any regulatory body for financial stability. However, since its founding in 2009, Dribbble has acquired five other companies. The most recent was Fontspring, which was founded in 2004 and acquired by Dribbble on February 1, 2022. It also acquired competitors in 2017, 2018 and 2020 — indicating consistent growth over the recent years.

Though multiple research sites differ widely in reporting Dribbble’s annual revenue, it has repeatedly been listed on the Inc. 5000 growth list — marking up 387% growth for 2022.

Dribbble accessibility


Dribbble designers work from all over the world. Its freelance jobs are completely remote, while full-time job postings offer both on-site work in specific locations and fully remote work.

The top five drivers of its traffic come from:

  • U.S.
  • India
  • U.K.
  • Russian Federation
  • Germany

Contact information

Dribbble offers remote jobs, a comprehensive knowledge base and a thriving community, but unfortunately, contact is restricted to an email form on the “Support” page. Since the Dribbble app was discontinued in 2021, users can no longer contact the company through this method.

There is no customer service number available online. The only way to contact Dribbble is through:

Dribbble usually replies to emails within one business day.

User experience

Like many job search websites, Dribbble’s user reviews vary. Sites like Glassdoor and Sitejabber have overall user ranks that range from two to four stars out of five.

Satisfied users highlight Dribbble’s sleek design for showcasing art, its constant inspiration for creating and its status as a place that offers legitimately well-paying jobs.

Dissatisfied users are disappointed by its lack of customer support, its strict refund policy on automatic account renewals and the fact that users must pay to “boost” postings — which offsets the benefits of the already-paid-for Pro plan.

Dribbble customer satisfaction

According to online reviews on trusted third-party sites like SiteJabber, job posters are impressed with the extensive talent pool offered by Dribbble. While there are mixed reviews from Dribbble designers, overall, those who are getting jobs are satisfied with the opportunities they have access to, and negative reviews are mostly centered on customer support and recent changes in plan pricing.

Job seekers who have posted to company review sites generally rate Dribbble as average, with most reviewers rating either very high or very low.

Dribbble FAQ

How do you get hired on Dribbble?


You upload your work and complete your profile by uploading "shots," or screenshots of work that showcase your capabilities. Like any other social media site, consistency is key. Once you have your portfolio started, it's important to consistently add new content to gain new followers and engage your current following.

Beyond that, you can sign up for a Dribbble Pro plan to have new job listings sent to your email so that you stay current on what's available and apply right away.

Where are the Dribbble headquarters located?

Dribbble was founded in Salem, Massachusetts, and several research sites still list that as the company's location while others list it as Walnut Creek, California. However, the company considers itself a fully remote business, indicating that there are no official headquarters.

Is Dribbble free to use?

Users may create a free account to upload work and access full-time job listings. However, much of the site's value is unlocked when your work is approved and you pay for either a Pro plan or a Pro Business plan.

How we evaluated Dribbble job posting sites

Money works to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information publicly available. We collect, analyze and aggregate information to help inform your research on a given topic. For Dribbble, we evaluated the company’s offerings, navigated its user interface, researched professional feedback from users and dug deep into available information about Dribbble from multiple sources.

Summary of Money's Dribbble job posting sites review

Overall, Dribbble has grown into a steady major player in the design services industry. While improvements can be made in the overall user and customer support departments, Dribbble is an ambitious company that is highly competitive in its niche. If past performance is any indicator, Dribbble will look to expand its user and client base to become more competitive with other creative job posting sites.

If you’re in the market for a career in design, pursuing Dribbble jobs might land you a great opportunity with a big name company. The site offers a simple way to establish portfolio presence so that you’re ready to apply to any enticing openings that pop up. If you’re a serious freelancer, investing in the Pro plan could help you increase your opportunities for gaining new clients.