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Published: Oct 18, 2023 10 min read

As we become more reliant on the internet for everything, from shopping and entertainment to work, our security online grows increasingly important. A virtual private network (VPN) can provide an added layer of protection to combat potential data and identity theft.

Read on for a comprehensive review of IPVanish VPN, including its price, features, availability, pros and cons and the answers to frequently asked questions.

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Best VPN for unlimited device connections

Many households have multiple internet-connected devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Protecting all these devices with a VPN can be quite costly because most VPN services limit the number of simultaneous connections under one subscription.

The ability to have unlimited active simultaneous connections under the same account sets IPVanish VPN apart from the other best VPN services.

Having all your devices under one account simplifies VPN management, allowing several users to enjoy the privacy and security benefits of a VPN without having to log in and out each time they switch a device. And because you only need one account, you also save money since you don’t have to buy additional subscriptions to add new devices.

IPVanish VPN pros and cons

  • WireGuard technology
  • Available on several platforms and devices
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Considerable discount for annual plans
  • Based in the US
  • Challenges in accessing information
  • Unclear product offerings

Pros explained

WireGuard technology

IPVanish offers WireGuard, a relatively new VPN protocol designed for enhanced speed and security. All VPN protocols work by employing cryptographic algorithms to safeguard online data. WireGuard’s advantages over some older VPN protocols include state of art cryptography, making it harder for hackers to access your online data.

As an additional security layer, WireGuard also supports Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). PSF prevents attackers from decrypting past and future online traffic, even if they are able to break the encryption key for your current session.

Available on a range of platforms and devices

IPVanish is available for download across a wide array of devices and platforms, including Windows and Linux for PC, OS X for Mac, Chrome OS, mobile devices using Android and iOS, some routers, Amazon’s FireTV and Nvidia devices.

Unlimited simultaneous connections

A standout feature of IPVanish is the unlimited, unmetered simultaneous connections available through its service. You can connect as many devices as you wish with a single IPVanish login. Each connection will receive end-to-end encryption and an anonymized IP address regardless of the device type or operating system.

IPVanish also offers split tunneling, though setting it up might be tricky for beginners. Split tunneling allows you to route some traffic through the VPN while letting the rest use your regular, unencrypted internet connection.

Considerable discounts on annual plans

IPVanish is one of the most affordable VPNs on the market if you opt for an extended contract. A prepaid 2-year protection plan may cost as little as $2.99 per month.

Cons explained

Based in the US

Some of IPVanish’s privacy issues relate to the fact that the company is based in the United States. Because it is under U.S. jurisdiction, IPVanish is exposed to surveillance collaboration requests that may compromise users’ privacy.

Companies with foreign-based operations in countries with stricter data protection laws like Switzerland cannot be forced to comply with any user data request. As such, some of IPVanish’s competitors highlight their foreign operations as a security advantage.

Challenges in accessing information

IPVanish's complex website layout and vague support articles may complicate users' understanding of the services it offers, how different VPN products work together and the requirements for optional device or service VPN protection. In addition, we found pricing inconsistencies across the website, which further hints at a sluggish website maintenance.

The site's FAQ and support sections exhibit significant gaps, including inaccessible setup instructions for core features and lacking details about key features. On the other hand, these sections have an overwhelming amount of advanced technical information, particularly for those new to VPN services or people looking for basic information to decide whether they need a VPN.

Unclear product offerings

The IPVanish product page features its add-on services. These include a cloud backup service called SugarSync, an antivirus software suite called VIPRE — also owned by IPVanish parent company Ziff Davis — and an array of additional VPN services. While add-ons frequently set VPN providers apart, those new to VPN services might find that the page lacks enough information about these products.

IPVanish VPN plans

As expected from any VPN service, IPVanish hides your IP address and provides end-to-end encryption regardless of your chosen plan. All plans also enjoy unlimited connections and unmetered bandwidth. The price points encourage longer-term contracts.

Monthly plan

IPVanish’s basic monthly plan is more affordable than most of its competitors’. However, the VPN doesn’t offer a 30-day risk-free trial for monthly plans.

Yearly plan

IPVanish’s yearly plan offers the same protection and perks as its monthly offering but at a significant 62% discount. The annual plan includes a 30-day risk-free trial period.

Two-year plan

Customers get the biggest discount when they commit to IPVanish’s two-year plan. This plan saves you 72% over its basic monthly plan. The two-year Plan includes a 30-day risk-free trial period.

IPVanish VPN pricing

You save more when you commit to a longer-term plan, up to 75% over the monthly offering.

Below is a chart showing the prices for IPVanish VPN.

Plans Plan price Monthly cost Cost after one year
1-Month Plan $11.99 per month $11.99 $143.88
1-Year Plan $39.99 for one year $3.33 $39.99
2-Year Plan $71.69 for two years $2.99 $35.88

IPVanish VPN financial stability

In addition to being owned by digital media giant Ziff Davis, IPVanish has a reported $6.6 million annual revenue. This and its corporate backing suggest that the company is financially sound, and you should have no cause for concern about its ongoing operations.

IPVanish VPN accessibility

IPVanish’s product design and services follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). According to the company’s website, abiding by WCAG's guidelines proves their commitment to making its products user-friendly and inclusive.


IPVanish maintains servers across the world, and its website has language support for 13 countries, as well as a “global” setting that seems geared toward American users. Like other VPN providers, its service doesn’t ban use based on a customer’s country or region.

Contact information

Very little contact information is available on IPVanish’s website. If you need to connect with the company, you’ll have to fill out and send a form that’s available on its help page. Replies to support requests are sent via email.

User experience

IPVanish’s website offers a prominent and easy-to-access link to check the status of IPVanish systems, including customer service systems and live chat, maintenance schedule, system metrics and a list of past incidents.

However, you may need help locating other information on the IPVanish website. Many sections of the company's website experience performance issues and present information in a way that may confuse novice VPN users seeking basic product information.

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IPVanish VPN customer satisfaction

IPVanish’s customization features are only available to advanced VPN users with significant technical skills. For example, advanced users will be able to take full advantage of the optional split tunneling feature and the open-source WireGuard technology. These users praise IPVanish’s high-end features in their reviews.

On the other hand, beginner VPN users express frustration for not being able to use all of the VPN features.


What is IPVanish VPN?


Founded in 2012, IPVanish VPN is a commercial virtual private network service based in the United States. IPVanish VPN safeguards your online activity by encrypting your data and hiding your online presence. It does this by routing your internet connection through its servers and changing your actual IP address to an IP address from one of its networks, thus making your online activity nearly untraceable.

One of the unique features of IPVanish is that it allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, making it ideal for households or businesses that want to secure several devices at once.

Is IPVanish a good VPN?

Whether IPVanish is a good VPN for you will depend on your specific needs. Its noteworthy features include great server speeds, an extensive server network and a modern VPN protocol. Common complaints regard connectivity issues and insufficient privacy standards.

Is IPVanish VPN free?

IPVanish is a paid service, and though it occasionally runs promotional offers, it does not offer a free version as of this writing.

How much is IPVanish VPN?

The monthly price of IPVanish ranges from $2.99 to $11.99.

How we evaluated IPVanish VPN

We based our review and evaluation of IPVanish VPN on the following factors:

  • Security: We compared VPN protocols and optional add-on offerings among competing providers.
  • Ease of use: We examined any setup and configuration issues.
  • Customer support: We looked for available contact options, a knowledge base and FAQs.
  • Pricing: We compared plans and saw how they stacked against competitor pricing.
  • Multi-device support: We considered the number of supported operating systems and devices.
  • User reviews: We looked at online review sites, VPN forums and VPN review sites to assess user experience.
  • Independent testing results: These included ratings for speed, reliability and range of available regions.

Summary of Money’s IPVanish VPN review

IPVanish VPN stands out for allowing numerous devices to be connected at one under a single account, simplifying VPN management and saving costs. The use of WireGuard technology enhances speed and security. Moreover, the VPN is available on various platforms.

Many IPVanish customer complaints mention navigating a confusing website layout with unclear product details, and having less privacy than with top ranked VPN companies. User satisfaction varies, particularly among less technical users. Lastly, IPVanish prices are very competitive as the company offers significant plan discounts on more extended plans.

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