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Published: Jun 22, 2021 5 min read
Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter
Courtesy of Amazon

Day 2 of Amazon Prime Day 2021 is in full swing, and the latest offerings include great deals on scooters and hoverboards — and yes, there are some Segways seeing big discounts.

If you or your child has had your heart set on a cool personal transportation device, now’s the time to shop.

Scooters and hoverboards can be great fun as well as a reliable method of personal transportation. While many models feature bright LED lights and Bluetooth speakers to emphasize the fun factor, hoverboard and scooter manufacturers also have more discreet and practical models designed for adults. Segway, maker of the original self-balancing scooters, has its own line of both scooters and hoverboard products, and several of its products are on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

As is usually the case, Amazon's Prime Day deals are generally available only to subscribers of Amazon Prime, the membership program that includes two-day (or faster) shipping on most Amazon purchases, as well as unlimited streaming of video and music content. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of Prime to people who haven't been subscribers recently.

Best Prime Day deals on hoverboards and scooters

First up on the list is Hover-1’s Dream hoverboard, currently on sale for Prime Day at 21% off or $117.99 (originally $149.99). Hover-1’s models have made our best hoverboards list due to their solid construction and affordable pricing aimed at younger audiences.

The Hover-1 Dream is a great starter model for children, thanks to its inclusion of LED lights, non-slip footpads and a reasonably safe max speed of 7 mph. The battery allows for a maximum ride distance of 6 miles, and it can go up inclines of up to 10°, which is great for short rides around the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a more adult-focused hoverboard for personal transportation, Segway’s Ninebot S-Plus model is currently on sale for $599 (a savings of $250 off the $850 list price). The Ninebot S-Plus looks like a cross between a hoverboard and a classic Segway, with a short, knee-height steering rod providing a more stable ride than traditional hoverboards.

The Ninebot S-Plus has a max speed of up to 12.5 mph and can go as far as 22 miles on a single charge. If you don’t feel comfortable steering with your knees, it also includes a remote control that lets you control the Segway with a small joystick. What’s more, if you don’t feel like riding anymore but don’t have a place to stash the Ninebot, it has a cool follow mode that allows you to walk while it follows quietly behind.

Lastly, if you would much rather ride a traditional scooter instead of a hoverboard, Segway has Prime Day sales on its Ninebot electric scooters for both children and adults.

The Segway E10 is currently on sale for 26% off — down to $169.99 from $229.99 — and is a great children’s model. Since it’s more sturdy than a hoverboard, it has a top speed of 10 mph and can go up to 6.3 miles on a single charge. It also features a “cruise mode” where you can kick the ground like a traditional scooter to have it accelerate automatically, instead of using the throttle on the handle.

Adults looking to get in on the action can opt for the Segway e22, which is essentially a larger version of the E10, currently on sale for 30% off — down to $349.99 from $499.99. It has a higher top speed of 12.4 mph and a max distance per charge of 13.7 miles. Unlike the E10, it does not feature a cruise mode.

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