Elvis Presley, circa 1970
Elvis Presley, circa 1970
Michael Ochs Archives—Getty Images

Does this sound like anybody you know?

“These are the people with ridiculously sleek wallets that have no compartments for cash or coin…they are the people frantically looking for a nearby ATM when they accidentally stumble into a cash-only restaurant…”

That's how a 2015 report from the Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco describes a group it calls the “cash-averse”—people who never carry or spend cash. (Unless, of course, they find themselves in the wrong burger joint.)

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Though still a relatively small part of the general population—about 9%—the cash-averse are disproportionately represented among the millennial generation. Some 62% of them are under age 35, the report notes.

So, while futurists have been predicting a cashless society for decades now, it may be millennials who finally make it happen.

And yet they won’t be the first. As with so many other important trends in modern life, we have celebrities to thank for showing us the way.

In fact, here are 10 famous folks (entry No. 3 counts as two) whose attitudes toward pocket money were generations ahead of their time.