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Published: Aug 25, 2023 9 min read

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are divided between those that charge users for protection, on an annual or monthly basis, and providers that offer service for free, often with significant shortcomings.

Urban VPN embodies the latter group. It imposes no charges on its users, but has practices and missing features that should raise concern. In this review, we delve into Urban VPN's features, performance, security concerns and overall user experience to help you make an informed decision.

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Best at free VPN with unlimited location switches

Urban VPN is completely free of charge. It comes with many servers, which allows you to switch often in order to improve performance and access content.. With unlimited location switches at your fingertips, you can bypass any geographical restrictions and access any content, no matter where you are in the world.

Urban VPN pros and cons

  • Free for unlimited devices
  • Fairly large server network
  • User data might be logged
  • A dearth of security features
  • Seemingly low customer satisfaction

Pros explained

Free for unlimited devices

Urban VPN provides a free, no-sign-up plan. In addition, you can access their VPN service from an unlimited number of devices, which not all VPN services allow, particularly if they’re free.

Fairly large server network

Some VPN services – especially those with fees – have a larger selection of servers than Urban VPN. But this service boasts an extensive server network for a free service. Servers are located in more than 80 countries worldwide. This allows you to enjoy a fairly close – and therefore likely fast – connection from virtually anywhere in the world.

Cons explained

User data might be logged

Free VPN services often achieve financial viability by logging data from their users, and then selling that information. Urban VPN states that ​​”we do not want to know your identity or any other personal information about you and we do not collect data to try and figure out who you are” But that pledge doesn’t preclude logging and selling data from multiple users. Some users among those relative few who left reviews on Trustpilot report evidence that Urban VPN at least logs data from its customers. Such a practice would of course damage the trust users desire from a technology product that’s ostensibly designed to increase online anonymity and protection.

A dearth of security features

More seriously, Urban VPN, like many free VPN services, takes only the most basic steps to protect its users, such as encrypting users' internet connections and hiding their IP addresses. There’s no kill switch, a feature that blocks internet access in the event the VPN service drops out – and so prevents the user’s exposure to potential hazards. Some security experts have also highlighted the provider's use of weak encryption protocols, further exacerbating its security shortcomings.

Seemingly low customer satisfaction

Not a great deal of information is available on how well Urban VPN serves its customers, but what is available is not encouraging. The relatively few users who have assessed the service on the reputed review platform TrustPilot are mostly very negative, citing such drawbacks as slow connection speed and frequent system failures.

Urban VPN plans

Urban VPN has only one plan, its free offering. Below are the details.

Free-forever plan

This plan not only requires no payment but forgoes any form of registration. You can simply begin to access Urban VPN within a few clicks at its website.

Urban VPN pricing

Urban VPN imposes no fees of any kind.

Urban VPN financial stability

Urban VPN says it has been in the industry for almost five years, and claims to have 20 million users. It reports employing a team of 30 experts with “a rich background in IT, security and safe browsing.”

Urban VPN accessibility

This provider offers accessibility on all major platforms, including Mac, Android and Windows. Urban VPN also claims compatibility with popular streaming services like YouTube and Netflix, making it an attractive option for those who want to use a VPN while watching their favorite shows.


Urban VPN is a VPN service that boasts accessibility and ease of use for its users. However, the platform lacks any form of customer service or support, which could be a potential issue for users in need of assistance. The absence of contact numbers, email addresses and support pages such as FAQs or troubleshooting guides could pose a challenge for new users unfamiliar with VPN technology. Additionally, no live chat or general support email is available for those seeking help.

Contact information

None available.

User experience

Urban VPN is an excellent choice for those who prioritize ease of use regarding VPN services. Its download and installation process is relatively straightforward, providing little to no hassle for users. Additionally, its simple design and intuitive user interface make it easy to navigate and operate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

However, without a responsive and reliable customer support service, users who do experience trouble with the installation or use of Urban VPN will struggle to find assistance, except perhaps through locating online forums of other Urban VPN users.

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Urban VPN customer satisfaction

Urban VPN has a limited number of reviews (fewer than 20 as of mid-2023) on the reputed review platform TrustPilot; that limits how dependably these assessments reflect the typical customer experience. But the reviews are almost universally unfavorable, with the company receiving a very low rating of 2.3/5 stars on the platform. Disappointed customers have reported such issues as poor connection speeds and frequent system crashes. The most significant complaint, however, is the company's inconsistent service, with many customers claiming that they have faced difficulty connecting to the VPN or that it stopped working altogether.


Is Urban VPN safe to use?

It's unclear how safe it might be to use Urban VPN. The service lacks at least one key security safeguard: a kill switch to cut access to the internet – and any threats of exposing data – in the event the VPN itself hiccups, and drops its protection even momentarily.

Is Urban VPN good?

If you're wondering whether you need a VPN, and have concluded you do, you might soon stumble upon Urban VPN, and be attracted by a service that lacks fees. However, before beginning to use the service, you should be aware of its shortcomings in two areas. First, it lacks some key security features – and, say experts, protocols too – that help minimize the risk of internet use. In addition, online reviews of Urban VPN – albeit fairly limited in number – paint a picture of a service that's prone to a host of user shortcomings. And there is no customer service function to assist you if you experience trouble in using the service.

Is Urban VPN legit?

Despite its shortcomings in security and customer service, Urban VPN appears to be a legitimate VPN service that performs the basic functions of this type of enterprise.

How to use Urban VPN?

To use Urban VPN, you download the software or mobile app and choose your desired server location. From among more than 80 server locations around the world, you select one that is relatively close to you, or where you want your IP protocol to indicate you are located. Once connected, the VPN encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address, protecting your personal information from prying eyes.

Does Urban VPN work with Netflix?

As with other VPN services, Urban VPN allows you to mask your location, and may help you to access Netflix if your IP address indicates that you're in a place where the account you're using is blocked. That includes potentially gaining access to Netflix libraries that may not be available in the country in which you're located. However, use of Urban VPN - or any other VPN – is not a guarantee of being able to access some or all of Netflix's content. In addition, note that the use of a VPN to thwart Netflix's location blocking may violate your user agreement with the streaming service.

How we evaluated Urban VPN

When evaluating VPN service providers, here are the factors we consider:.

  • Privacy policy: We review the service’s policy to determine the extent to which it protects user data, including not logging or selling it.
  • Server number and locations: We assess the number and location of servers, compared with other providers. The greater the number of servers, and the more varied they are in location, the greater the chance you can find a fast connection nearby and one that allows you to digitally assume the location of the server. The latter shift masks the user’s physical location, which facilitates some key advantages of using a VPN for many users.
  • Speed and performance: A VPN should not seriously impede the speed of the internet connection, and to work effectively on a variety of devices. We research customer reviews and other data to ensure the service succeeds at both factors.
  • Customer support: We assess the range of customer service modes the service offers. We also research user feedback at such reliable customer review sites as Trustpilot to evaluate how satisfactorily the support meets users’ needs. .
  • Plan pricing: We calculate the cost of the service, in its various plans when those are offered. We then compare the pricing with that of other service providers to arrive at a conclusion about the service’s value.

Summary of Money's Urban VPN review

As with other free VPN services, the price is right for Urban VPN. At no expense, the service should perform the basic functions of a VPN, including adequate masking of your location (at least most of the time).

That said, like most of its free brethren, the service is likely to fall short in a number of respects. These include providing consistent protection; Urban VPN does not offer a kill switch that would protect you and your identity in the event of a momentary loss of VPN service, which is common with many services. The service also appears to log your data, which it might then sell, albeit not at an individual level, according to Urban VPN.

Finally, the company provides no customer service, so you’ll need to scramble for third party help in event of difficulty with any aspect of using Urban VPN.

These drawbacks should be kept in mind when considering the overall value of the service, especially in comparison to the best VPN services and providers on the market.

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